Ride the Lightning
Ride the Lightning is a mission on the Stonewood map. It has a recommended level of 1. Players will need to locate Lars and his van and equip it with a 'Van Propulsion Device' (weather balloon). Once equipped, players will need to add 2 BluGlo . There are several on the map. Look for the (unknown if random) survivor at the north end of the map. After locating 2 BluGlo - if they weren't found before-hand -  and return to the van. 

Go to the front of the van and deposit the BluGlo. Build a fort around the van, then active the BlueGlo at the front of the van. This will start the first wave of husks . After defeating the first wave, make repairs and locate 2 more BluGlo. Depositing it into the van will start the second wave. This wave will be a bit more difficut with husks coming from several direction and faster than before. Defeating the second wave will end the mission. 


  • Locate Lars' Van 
  • Install flying device
  • Deposit BluGlo 0/2
  • Build a Fort around the Van
  • Defend the Van (wave1) Bonus: Keep the van above 80% health. 
  • Defend the Van (wave 2) Bonus: Keep the van above 80% health.