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Rift Beacons were objects that were used to alter Locations and bring back old and new locations. They were first introduced in Season X , when The Scientist used them to alter Neo Tilted into Tilted Town, a Wild West version of Tilted Towers. The energy used from the Rift Beacons came from the Zero Point.

Season X

Rift Beacons appeared in random locations every week, knowing that specific location will change. When new challenges came out, that specific location would have changed into a new location or an old location.

The purpose of the beacons was revealed in The End event. The rifts they formed were used by The Seven as a way to get onto the island and begin the event.

Chapter 2: Season 4

In Chapter 2: Season 4, they were repurposed by Tony Stark to spawn in new POIs and a ring of them were placed around Frenzy Farm and The Orchard. When Stark Industries was created as a result, they powered down.


  • The Rift Beacons can't be destroyed.
  • Every week in Season X, a Rift Beacon changed a location into a new one or an old one.
  • They were removed after The End event.
  • They are also a Prop in Creative Mode, you can find them in the Dusty Depot Prop Gallery.