Drippy and dangerous.
—In-game Description
Rippley vs Sludge is a Slurp Series Outfit that can be obtained from reaching Level 20 in the Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass.

Cosmetic Review 


  • A friendly and passive blob creature character who is made out of slurp, hence part of the Slurp Series.
  • He is part of E.G.O.


  • A aggressive and tempered blob creature made out of a nunknown substance.
  • Military organisation A.L.T.E.R., has a large number of sludges.

A.L.T.E.R. vs. E.G.O.

Rippley is on E.G.O. He was one of the Sludges, but drank a juice from Slurpy Swamp and turned blue and joined E.G.O.

Sludge is on A.L.T.E.R. He has multiple clones of himself whom form an army, who may lie at the **Redacted** base.


  • Rippley has an A.L.T.E.R style: Sludge.
  • Rippley also has a purple version which is seemingly part of E.G.O.
  • He is one of the first Battle Pass Outfits that isn’t Rare, Epic, or Legendary. He was Rare, but on v.12.10, he and Big Chuggus were marked in the Slurp Series rarity.


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