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Rock Family are a family of stones. They moved around the island every week during Season 7 - Season X. They were captured by the Imagined Order in Chapter 2: Season 5. They returned to the island in Chapter 3: Season 2


In Season 7, a large groups of rocks formed together near the northeast of the island into the shape of a large man. However, he seemed alone and had no purpose. While he began wandering the island, another group of rocks formed together to create a stone lady, who also didn't have much purpose. However, they eventually found each other a distance from each other. They greeted each other by waving. However, they weren't able to meet each other, since a large earthquake occurred and created a large Volcano near where the two were at. The shaking caused them to collapse.

Although it seemed like the story was over from the start of Season 8, the stone man and stone lady reformed from the rocks once again. As they tried to reach each other from around the Volcano, the stone man found a flower on the ground and decided to pick it up. The two met up once more, in between them a large amount of lava flowing from the inside of the Volcano. The stone man offered the flower as a gift. Overjoyed from the gift, the stone lady attempted to cross the lava. In fear of what could happen to her, the stone man rushed to her. The stone lady made it to a spot over the lava, awaiting the stone man to drop to her. The stone man began going across his side of the lava, holding tightly to the flower above the lava. The stone lady helped him up and the two became a couple.

At the beginning of Season 9, the stone couple vanished. As it once again appeared that the story was over, they reappeared on the eastern side of the island within the jungle. There, they began to live, growing flowers and raising a stone child. Sometime after the stone man and lady began to relax, their purpose seemingly fulfilled, the stone child went off on his own adventure to find his purpose. As the stone child explored the jungle, he came across a stone dog hiding. The stone child went to comfort the dog and they became quick friends. Shortly after, the stone family went away again, eventually returning to their work. The stone child began to constantly play in the jungle. The stone dog didn't stay very close to the stone child, but did enjoy being somewhat near him.

One day, the stone child fell off the ledge of a cliff, holding on as much as he could. The stone man and stone lady saw him from the farm and began calling out in worry. Luckily, the stone dog ran to the hill just in time to pull the stone child back over the cliff. The stone man and stone lady were relieved and held each others hands. After everything ended well, the stone family and stone dog vanished starting Season 10.


Season 7

  • Two humaniod shaped stone begins to move closer to each other every week.

Season 8

  • Both were crushed by the Volcano but survive and spend time together.

Season 9

  • Rock Kid and Dog are born.
  • Rock Kid was saved by the dog when he fell from a cliff.

Chapter 2: Season 5

The End (Chapter 2)

  • The Imagined Order Base was destroyed, freeing them from imprisonment.

Chapter 3: Season 2