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Safes are a type of container in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were introduced in Chapter 2: Season 5.


Safes contain a large deposit of 75 bars when opened.

They can be interacted with by the player to open them, granting some XP. They take a large amount of time to open and uniquely can be sped up by multiple players holding the interact button.

Loot Table

Container Bars
  • At an unknown point in time, Safes could drop the same contents as a Rare Chest. This was removed at some point and was possibly a bug.

Strategy Guide

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  • Although safes can be sped up by multiple players holding the interact button, there is no real benefit to this as only one player can take the Bars it drops.


Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 8

Chapter 3: Season 1


  • Similar to Supply Drops, Safes have object physics and will be affected by gravity when the floor below them is destroyed. They can also be knocked by vehicles.
    • Safes have 500HP.