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Salty Springs was a small residential area in the middle of the Battle Royale Map. It consists majorly of residential houses, most with attics that contain chests. Some games it can be highly populated, and others it can be deserted, which makes this quite risky - however, loot tends to be above average. There is always good loot at Salty because many players tend to go here.

Until Chapter 2: Season 5, Salty Springs was one of the four locations that has been untouched since the beginning of Fortnite: Battle Royale, surviving the destruction of the Athena map and reappearing on the new Apollo map in Chapter 2. In Chapter 2: Season 5, Salty Springs was merged with the returning Tilted Towers to create Salty Towers.


Season 4

In Season 4, a secret bunker was added under the blue house in the Northwestern part of Salty Springs.

Season 8

The house with a fallen tree on it has been renovated.

A bunker was added under the Eastern house.

Season 9

The Devourer (Cattus) vs Mecha during The Final Showdown Event near Salty Springs

During The Final Showdown Event, a huge fight between The Devourer (Cattus) and Mecha, The Devourer (Cattus) was thrown near Salty Springs, the blue house was severely damaged but if you loaded into another game the changes to Salty Springs were reverted.

Season X

Salty Springs, and every other location were sucked into a black hole during The End Event.

Chapter 2 - Season 1

In Chapter 2 - Season 1, despite the old map being sucked into a black hole, Salty Springs survived, and is now placed in the center of the new map.

Chapter 2 - Season 2

In Chapter 2 - Season 2, the Eastern house has been invaded.

The blue house has a golden chair upstairs that has fallen through the floor down into the first floor.

Chapter 2 - Season 3

In Chapter 2 - Season 3, the Eastern house and the gas station have been flooded and the Southern house basement has been flooded as well.

The first stage of the water level decreasing, the water at Salty Springs is now gone.

The new gas station as of 13.30 update

In Week 6 of the 13.30 update, the Pass 'n' Gas Station has been removed and replaced by a much larger one, most likely to accommodate for the cars.

Chapter 2 - Season 5

Salty Springs has been combined with Tilted Towers, and has created Salty Towers.

Chapter 2 - Season 6

Salty Springs was removed for the first time after Boney Burbs took Salty Towers place.


Challenge Challenge Set Reward Stage (If Any)
Eliminate players at The Yacht or Salty Springs Meowscles's Mischief N/A
Eliminations at Salty Springs Chapter 2: Season 3 Week 8 Challenges 35,000 Season XP N/A
Upgrade a weapon at Salty Springs Chapter 2: Season 3 Week 5 Challenges N/A
Search Chests at Salty Springs Chapter 2: Season 3 Week 4 Challenges N/A


  • There is a watchtower to the east that can contain chests and serves as a good lookout point.
  • In the northern part of Salty Springs is a blue house that contains an underground bunker.

The bunker under the blue house was removed at the start of Chapter 2, it is very unlikely it will be added back due to the fact that this was part of the Season 4 Lore.


  • Salty Springs, along with Pleasant Park and Retail Row have been around since the beginning of Fortnite, being the oldest POIs in Fortnite history. It is also the only POI to be in every season until Chapter 2: Season 6.


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