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This Page/Section is about an item that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

The Saucer, also called UFO, is a Vehicle in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 7.


Saucers are flying Vehicles which can attack opponents and abduct players and props from the map. Saucers behave similar to Choppas, with a Boost function, the ability to descend and ascend, as well as turning off when its pilot exits. Saucers can boost three times, and will recharge its boosts consecutively. The Saucer has five spots for players to ride on: the cockpit, and four spots on the exterior which others stand on. The saucer deploys an energy shield with 100 Health around the cockpit, which regenerates after a few seconds once destroyed.

Upon using the primary fire, the Saucer will charge then shoot an energy ball, dealing 30 damage to opponents and vehicles, and 450 damage to structures and alien parasites, within a medium splash radius. Players and vehicles hit by the energy ball will be pushed away, and opponents may take fall damage as it does not give a low-gravity effect.

With the alternate fire, the Saucer will try to lock onto and abduct things under it, such as players, AIs, Vehicles (except other Saucers) and Props. They can then use these (aside from players) to drop onto opponents to deal large amounts of damage. Once abducted, the Props become physical objects, and will collide with the environment. Only Props such as rocks, Slurp Trucks, furniture and other small objects can be grabbed – things like walls and roofs of structures cannot. Players abducted by a Saucer receive fall damage negation, until they are dropped and land on the ground. The Saucer will automatically drop players it is abducting after 30 seconds.

Once it loses all of its Health, the Saucer will quickly descend to the floor. It will not immediately be destroyed, but instead losing a "life", of which it has three. When it lands on the floor with remaining "lives", all players will be ejected, and the Saucer will start "rebooting", regaining Health until is restored fully, whereupon it will be once again available to enter. If it is on its last life, the Saucer will fall towards the ground and explode after a few seconds or upon landing, unless it is already on the ground, then it will explode immediately.

The Saucer has a battery, which lasts 400 seconds and recharges automatically (at no cost) while landed. Upon depleting the battery midair, it will fall harmlessly to the ground. The Saucer also has a honk.

Although the Saucer has 600 Health, it does not get destroyed when its Health is depleted. Instead it falls to the ground in which it will repair itself back to full Health. It will only be destroyed once it loses its 3 "lives". (600x3=totalHealth of Saucer)

Note: Whilst the Saucer itself is Common, the weapon it uses to attack opponents is Rare. This is likely a bug.

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Hitpoints: 600
Cannon Damage: 30
Lost life damage: 10
Explosion damage: 70
Lives: 3


Saucers can be obtained in three ways. Saucers will spawn at set Named Locations across the Island, unoccupied. Some locations are protected by IO Guards, some Saucers lie unguarded (like the one in Camp Cod), whereas others are found floating the sky in sets of three piloted by Trespasser AIs. In the latter case, a player must deal enough damage to a Saucer to cause it to crash and defeat the Trespasser piloting it, in which it can then be occupied. Alternatively, the player can snipe the Trespasser, or use a launch pad (or even another Saucer) to land on the Saucer and kill its pilot.

Spawn Locations

Strategy Guide

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  • There is no reload on the Energy Cannon from the Saucer, so you can continuously fire it with little to no penalty.
  • If one of your teammates is knocked down, quickly flying over to your squad-mate and abducting them is a very good strategy, as it allows you to quickly take them to a safe place so you can revive them.
  • Don’t use the Saucer to fly to a Reboot Van. Opponents could see you coming and know you are trying to reboot one of your squadmates which could mean they are able to surprise attack you. Instead, try landing about 100 meters away from the Reboot Van and walk there. This way, you can approach the Reboot Van much more stealthily and ensure you can reboot your squad-mate without an opponent ambushing you.
  • Use a Saucer to abduct a Supply Llama and then hover close to the ground to allow your squad-mates to shoot at it. Alternatively, shooting it with the Energy Cannon, or throwing it hard enough with the abduct function, can stun the Llama for you and your squad-mates to kill.


Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 2: Season 8



  • During The End event, Saucers were seen firing pink lasers or plasma balls at players, and disarming them of their weapons.
  • According to Human Bill,the creator of the Saucers is his father.
  • It is possible to fly to Spawn Island using a saucer.
  • Energy Projectiles shot from a Saucer bounce off of beach umbrellas.
  • You can hit your self with the projectiles when they bounce an umbrella or Crash Pad.
  • Grab-itron can grab Energy Cannon's projectile.
  • Its game file codename is "Nevada", the location of Area 51.