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Upgrade and inspect your craftable weapons and traps.
— In-Game Description

Fortnite - Breacher Schematic.png

A Schematic is used to create weapons, traps and other items in Fortnite. They are collected by opening Llamas, or completing missions (rewards). The Schematics can be accessed from the Armory in the main menu while not in a mission, or from the player's inventory interface during a mission.

Schematics can be upgraded using Schematic XP earned from looting Llamas. completing missions, or by recycling unwanted Schematics. Upgrading allows the player to create items with better stats and longer durability. To upgrade a Schematic, select it from the list, then use the Upgrade/Inspect button (V on PC). This will open the Schematic in a new window. Players will be able to see the item's current stats, level, description and the items currently needed to craft it. They can also see at what level the item will increase in stats and how much XP is needed to upgrade the Schematic.

Schematics can also be evolved (one star to two stars, etc.) which can unlock further stat increases and weapon perks. Weapon evolution requires weapon designs which can be obtained as rewards from certain quests or collection book quests, or by recycling weapon schematics of at least rare (blue) rarity.

To recycle a Schematic, use the Recycle option in the Schematic menu. On the left side of the window any Schematics that cannot be recycled are marked and grayed out. Selecting the Schematic will calculate the amount of Schematic XP and weapon designs the player will receive. Confirm to complete the action. 

Schematics can be sorted by rating, rarity, level, name, and subtype. Use the Sort button to change the option. Players can also compare two Schematics side-by-side using the Compare (C on PC) button in the interface.