Score Royale LTM - Fortnite

Score Royale is one of the Limited Time Modes for Battle Royale. Players can earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers, and eliminating other players. The first to cross the High Score threshold wins the Victory Royale.

How to play

  • Llamas:
    • 30 total Supply Llamas per match.
    • Llamas have reduced building materials due to the amount in each game.
      • 20 of each material type.
      • All other loot is unchanged.
    • Opening a Supply Llama grants 50 points.
  • Early game Storm circles are larger and the Storms move in more slowly, giving players more time to spread out and search for loot.
  • Late game Storms move in fast! Earn enough points for the Victory Royale before they close in.


  • Winning Score (Solo): 2000
  • Winning Score (Duos): 3000
  • Winning Score (Squads): 4500
  • Use an Apple or Mushroom: 10
  • Open an Ammo Box: 25
  • Open a Llama: 50
  • Open a Supply Drop: 100
  • Eliminate an Enemy: 100
  • Open a Treasure Chest: 50
  • Find a Bronze Coin: 30
  • Find a Silver Coin: 50
  • Find a Gold Coin: 100
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