Season 1 was unlike later seasons, in that there was no Battle Pass in the game yet. The season was structured so that players could earn experience through gameplay and then, once enough experience was obtained, enter the now-closed Seasonal Shop to purchase exclusive gear.

There were very few skins available in Season 1 and the game was not as popular yet.

The XP Progression System

Before there was a Battle Pass, you can get rewards by leveling up. To level up, you must get XP by playing usual matches. Some rewards have to be purchased in the Season Shop for V-Bucks. The XP progression system is removed with the introduction of the Battle Pass in Season 2, and won’t be used again until Chapter 2: Season 1.


Aerial Assault One - Glider - Fortnite
Aerial Assault Trooper - Outfit - Fortnite
Renegade Raider - Outfit - Fortnite
Mako - Glider - Fortnite
Raiders Revenge - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Aerial Assault One
Purchasable at Level 5
Aerial Assault Trooper
Purchaseable at Level 15
Renegade Raider
Purchaseable at Level 20
Unlocked at Level 25
Raider's Revenge
Purchaseable at Level 35
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