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Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale, with the slogan "Brace for Impact", started on May 1st, 2018, and ended on July 12th, 2018.

This season's theme was superheroes.

This is the first season to have a story trailer as it introduced the lore.

How Did it Start?

In Season 3, players saw a bright blue object in the sky. As it grew bigger and brighter over time in the sky, people realized it was a comet, heading straight towards the island. Telescopes and various signs were placed at high-altitude areas around the map, as the inhabitants prepared for its arrival. Small comet fragments began falling down around the island at the end of Season 3. When Season 4 launched, the comet slammed into the island, although it came in multiple fragments which impacted different regions around the map. By far the largest fragment slammed into the Factory unnamed POI, completely vapourizing the facility. The resulting impact and crater formed Dusty Divot, replacing Dusty Depot, which was severely damaged by the comet and thus renamed due to the massive crater. Several other smaller fragments fell around the island. One of them landed at Tilted Towers, pulverizing an entire building into rubble, another fragment decimated the Prison, and a third one landed directly at Risky Reels. It blew straight through the cinema screen and landed amongst the densely packed cars. Another tiny fragment landed at The Motel, although that impact was enough to flip a nearby bus and slam it into the motel roof.

The Season 4 Storyline

The comet's impact left behind Hop Rocks, mysterious rocks that gave loopers who consumed them a low-gravity effect, possessing some sort of connection with The Zero Point. Immediately after the impact, an Unnamed Investigation Agency erected a research facility at Dusty Divot to research and investigate the mysterious glowing rock at the center of the crater. UIA cars arrived at each of the large impact craters to examine the hop rocks in those areas.

As this was happening, a movie crew was filming a movie titled 'It came from Moisty Mire', when a comet fragment slammed into the nearby Prison POI. It was revealed that the evil super-villain Omega found himself freed from the Prison by the explosion. The heroes led by Carbide began formulating a plan at their Hero Mansion near Lonely Lodge. In his Villain Lair, Omega began to assemble an army of augmented soldiers for a final battle with the superheroes, which took place in Tilted Towers. It was then revealed to be part of the movie, as the actors were seen socializing on set. Ultimately the movie was caching in on the comet impact.

The Villain Lair for the superhero film contained a rocket used as a prop for Omega's sinister intentions. However, it was actually fully-functional and could have been built by the UIA using blueprints from The Seven. At around the same time the movie was being finished, the UIA began filling up the smaller comet craters with concrete, and a construction crew was called in to begin rebuilding the destroyed parts of Risky Reels and Tilted Towers. The UIA collected all of the hop rocks from each crater and began transporting them to the Villain Lair in trucks, as the glowing rock at Dusty Divot was slowly opened up, revealing a mysterious pod containing The Visitor, a member of The Seven. It seemed as if the meteor was actually a method of transportation that The Visitor used to get to the island. The seemingly hostile individual broke out of his pod and trashed the research facility, escaping to the Villain Lair, which already contained all the hop rocks assembled by the UIA. The fact that the UIA transported the hop rocks to the Villain Lair cannot be a coincidence. It seems like the UIA actually worked with The Visitor in secret so that The Imagined Order could not see through The Visitor's plans and put a stop to it. Since The Imagined Order does not actually have direct control over the island (they only maintain the loop and storm, they can't actually see everything), the UIA may have shielded The Visitor from them, assembling a rocket for him and carrying the necessary hop rocks to the area. Him trashing the Divot was possibly done to continue to fool the Imagined Order into thinking that the Visitor is not-at-all related with UIA. Whether The Visitor worked with the UIA or not, he modified the rocket to allow it to channel The Zero Point field, and began fueling it with hop rocks, which contain the Zero Point energy, and can manipulate it to open rifts through space and time.

A hologram in the Villain Lair began projecting a three-day countdown for the Blast Off event on 27th June 2018, followed by an island-wide countdown on all TV's. Loopers realized that the rocket was going to launch on 30th June 2018, as sirens also began blaring at the lair, heard from everywhere on the island.

The Rocket Event and aftermath

Once the countdown ended, the rocket (piloted by the Visitor inside) took off from the Villain Lair, leaving behind a thick trail of smoke as it ascended into the sky. It momentarily stopped in the air to break off its rocket booster, before accelerating into the sky. Once reaching a high altitude, the rocket shut off its engines and stalled in the air, before plummeting back down towards the island. This could have been due to the Imagined Order finally realizing The Visitor's plans and remotely shutting off his rocket. If that is true, it was too late anyway as his plans were already in motion, and the Visitor could be heard saying 'Zero Point Oscillator on, Setting coordinates. Engaging quantum field accelerator'. The rocket activated a laser that pointed directly at Tilted Towers, and boosted towards the location. However, before it could hit, the Visitor activated a device on his rocket and opened a rip through space-time, a rift. Effectively acting as a portal to The In-Between, the realm of The Zero Point. It could the be subsequently manipulated to teleport or to travel through time. It can strongly be assumed that the Visitor's 'Zero Point Oscillator' acted as the device necessary to manipulate the Zero Point/In Between to create a tear through both space and time. The rocket went through the rift and boosted out of another one over Moisty Mires, flying around the island to enter another rift near Snobby Shores. Finally, the rocket boosted out of another rift at Loot Lake and accelerated into the sky, blasting through space-time and creating a gigantic rift in the sky, known as the Crack in the Sky. The Visitor did not return at all until Season X.

Unlike earlier rifts opened by the rocket, the Crack in the Sky seemed to be permanent. In fact, it began to crack open further and expand outwards in the sky, as space-time around the island began to destabilize. Small rifts began appearing around the island within the next few days, sucking away objects, including the Tomato Town mascot, Motel sign, and the Durr Burger head. The Burger head was lore-wise transported to the real world, where several signs were placed warning of an instability in the region. Back on the island, rifts began bringing in objects from other realities, including a Viking ship anchor, dinosaur bones, and an ancient wagon, as Season 5 rapidly approached.

New Additions

Update v4.0 (May 1st, 2018)

Update v4.1 (May 8th, 2018)

Update v4.2 (May 16th, 2018)

Content Update v4.2 (May 22nd, 2018)

Update v4.3 (May 30th, 2018)

Content Update v4.3 (June 5th, 2018)

Update v4.4 (June 11th, 2018)

Content Update v4.4 (June 19th, 2018)

Update v4.5 (June 27th, 2018)

Content Update v4.5 (July 3rd, 2018)

Map Changes

The initial Season 4 Map

The meteor has crashed into the Island, destroying Dusty Depot, with smaller meteorites impacts happening all over the Island.

Update v4.0 (May 1st, 2018)

  • The meteor has crashed into Dusty Depot scattering rubble over the area, partially destroying the location and creating a crater, where a research facility was built around the meteor to find out what is inside it, creating Dusty Divot.
  • A drive-in theater known as Risky Reels was built, it was also damaged by a meteorite.
  • A mansion was built southeast of Lonely Lodge with a secret underground area and a open side that led into a cliff, which served as the Heroes' base.
  • Loot Lake has been hit with rubble from the impact of the meteor in Dusty Depot.
  • A Villain Lair with a Rocket and a Launch pad was added on top of a mountain east of Snobby Shores.
  • A meteorite crashed into the office building at Tilted Towers, destroying the building.
  • A meteorite has crashed into the Prison, destroying the middle area.
  • A movie set was added into Moisty Mire.
  • The depot building at Yonder Yard has been replaced with a dance club.
  • A Movie Set was added east of Junk Junction, replacing 2 houses.
  • A secret underground base was added underneath the blue house in Salty Springs.
  • A meteorite has crashed into the Motel, nearly destroying the sign and creating a crater.
    • More meteorites have crashed into the Island, all of them have a convoy of cars and trucks around them.

Update v4.1 (May 8th, 2018)

Update v4.2 (May 16th, 2018)

  • The crater at Tilted Towers has been patched up. A dump truck is clearing the debris and remains of furniture in the destroyed area.
  • The excavation of the meteor in Dusty Divot is halfway done. A metallic object can be seen through certain areas of the meteor.
  • A fork knife food truck have appeared on the Island.

Update v4.3 (May 30th, 2018)

Update v4.4 (June 11th, 2018)

  • A Open Soccer Stadium was added, replacing the Castle Ruins.
  • The Dusty Divot meteor excavation is complete, and a empty space pod was found at the center of the meteor. The research facility has been abandoned and trees and grass keeps growing inside the crater.
  • The Hop rock convoy from Tilted Towers is now approaching Snobby Shores.
  • Hop Rocks and meteorite fragments were found inside the Villain Lair.
  • Wooden ramps have appeared on the mountain north of the Soccer Stadium.
  • The crater in Risky Reels has been completely patched up.
  • Heavy equipment started tearing down the remains of the destroyed building at Tilted Towers.
  • The Hop rock convoy from Risky Reels is now passing through Anarchy Acres.
  • The crater near Fatal Fields is being patched up, the convoy is being escorted west across the bridge.

Update v4.5 (June 27th, 2018)

  • A detective agency was added to Retail Row.
  • The crater southeast of Retail Row has been patched up. The convoy started moving.
  • The crater near Fatal Fields has been patched up, the convoy is on their way to Greasy Grove.
  • Cars and equipment have left Dusty Divot, leaving the research facility deserted. Trees and grass continues to grow, and very few Hop Rocks are left.
  • The crater near Haunted Hills has been patched up, the convoy is going to the Villain Lair.
  • The convoy from Risky Reels is now in Pleasant Park.
  • A new building is under construction on the patched up crater of Tilted Towers.
  • The Rocket in the Villain Lair has been fully upgraded.
  • A 72-hour countdown has appeared in TVs around the Island as well as in the control panel by the Rocket.
  • A siren can be heard coming from the Villain Lair.
  • June 30th:
    • The countdown has expired and the Rocket has launched, flying around the Island until eventually it boosted into the sky and disappeared after creating a Crack in the Sky. The Rocket's thruster fell into Anarchy Acres. (See Blast Off!)
    • Following the Rocket launch, a rift has appeared in Lonely Lodge, rifting away the Welcome sign.
  • July 1st:
  • July 2nd:
    • The Motel sign has been rifted away.
    • Another rift was found on the spinning Tomato statue in Tomato Town.

The Final Season 4 Map

Content Update v4.5 (July 3rd, 2018)

  • The spinning Tomato statue has been rifted away.
  • Another rift was found in the NOMS sign in Retail Row.
  • The Crack in the Sky continues to grow and another crack has opened.
  • July 4th:
    • The NOMS sign has been rifted away.
    • Another rift was found on the Burger head in Greasy Grove.
  • July 5th:
    • The Burger head has been rifted away.
    • Another rift was found at the foot of the mountain northwest of Greasy Grove.
  • July 6th: A Anchor has been rifted into the Island at the foot of the mountain northwest of Greasy Grove.
  • July 7th: Another rift was found on a hill near the Prison in Moisty Mire.
  • July 8th: A stagecoach was rifted into the Island on a hill in Moisty Mire.
  • July 9th: Another rift was found in the submerged Ice Cream truck in Moisty Mire.
  • July 10th: A set of skeletal remains of a dinosaur was rifted into the Island where the Ice Cream truck was in Moisty Mire.
  • July 12th: Another crack has opened in the sky, with sand and snow coming out of it.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, the same as the previous 2 seasons. This Battle Pass introduced a new type of cosmetic: Sprays.

Premium Tiers

Battlehawk (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Carbide (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
X Mark - Spray - Fortnite.png
Dynamite - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Carbide - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Gale Force - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Tier 1
Tier 1
X Mark
Tier 3
Tier 5
Tier 6
Gale Force
Tier 7
Lights Camera Action - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Rainbow - Spray - Fortnite.png
Rex - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
GG Smiley - Spray - Fortnite.png
Sugar Crash - Glider - Fortnite.png
Zzz - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Lights, Camera, Action!
Tier 8
Tier 10
Tier 12
GG Smiley
Tier 14
Sugar Crash
Tier 15
Tier 18
Retro Sci-Fi - Skydiving Trail - Fortnite.png
Hearts - Spray - Fortnite.png
New Teknique.png
Baby Seal - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Squad Leader - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Chalk Outline - Spray - Fortnite.png
Retro Sci-Fi
Tier 20
Tier 22
Tier 23
Baby Seal
Tier 24
Squad Leader
Tier 28
Chalk Outline
Tier 29
Positron - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Popcorn - Emote - Fortnite.png
Circle - Spray - Fortnite.png
Spray Paint - Skydiving Trail - Fortnite.png
Looted - Spray - Fortnite.png
Wings of Valor - Glider - Fortnite.png
Tier 30
Tier 31
Tier 34
Spray Paint
Tier 36
Tier 38
Wings of Valor Tier 39
Arrow - Spray - Fortnite.png
Leviathan - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Plotting - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
New Zoey.png
Royal Stroll - Spray - Fortnite.png
Lightning - Skydiving Trail - Fortnite.png
Tier 42
Tier 44
Tier 46
Tier 47
Royal Stroll
Tier 48
Tier 50
Chicken - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Abstract - Spray - Fortnite.png
Goodie Bag - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Do It! - Spray - Fortnite.png
Aerosol Assassins - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Three Llamas - Spray - Fortnite.png
Tier 52
Tier 54
Goodie Bag
Tier 55
Do It!
Tier 56
Aerosol Assassins
Tier 60
Three Llamas
Tier 62
Hype - Emote - Fortnite.png
Crabby - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Window - Spray - Fortnite.png
Hearts - Skydiving Trail - Fortnite.png
Trap Warning - Spray - Fortnite.png
Valor (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Tier 63
Tier 64
Tier 66
Tier 68
Trap Warning
Tier 70
Tier 71
Raven - Spray - Fortnite.png
Rabid - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Zoey - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Kiss - Spray - Fortnite.png
Intrepid - Glider - Fortnite.png
Mask - Spray - Fortnite.png
Tier 72
Tier 74
Tier 76
Tier 78
Tier 79
Tier 80
Shooting Star - Skydiving Trail - Fortnite.png
Brite Gunner - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Teknique - Spray - Fortnite.png
Squad Leader (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Bananas - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Raven - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Shooting Star
Tier 84
Brite Gunner
Tier 85
Tier 86
Squad Leader
Tier 87
Tier 90
Tier 92
Tunnel - Spray - Fortnite.png
Groove Jam - Emote - Fortnite.png
Celebrate - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Shadow Ops - Spray - Fortnite.png
Omega (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Tier 94
Groove Jam
Tier 95
Tier 97
Shadow Ops
Tier 99
Tier 100

Season Levels

Omega Stage 2 - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Omega Stage 3 - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Omega Stage 4 - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Onslaught - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Omega Stage 5 - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Omega Stage 6 - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Omega Stg. 2
Omega Stg. 3
Omega Stg. 4
Omega Stg. 5
Omega Stg. 6

Free Tiers

Standard Issue - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Angel - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Teamwork - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Orange Justice - Emote - Fortnite.png
Supply Drop - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Rainbow - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Standard Issue
Tier 10
Tier 14
Tier 22
Orange Justice
Tier 26
Supply Drop
Tier 30
Tier 42
Lollipopper - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Respect - Emote - Fortnite.png
Tier 46
Tier 54

Achievement Rewards

A Looming Threat - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Ace - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
At Last... I Am Free - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Offworld Rig - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Quiet On The Set! - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
A Looming Threat
Week 3 Challenges Complete
Play 50 Matches
At Last... I Am Free
Week 2 Challenges Complete
Offworld Rig
Quiet On The Set!
Week 1 Challenges Complete
Retribution - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Retrofit - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Showdown - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Solo Showdown - Spray - Fortnite.png
Thats A Wrap! - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
The Visitor - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Week 4 Challenges Complete
Week 8 Challenges Complete
Week 5 Challenges Complete
Solo Showdown
50 Solo Showdown Matches
That's A Wrap!
Week 6 Challenges Complete
The Visitor
Week 7 Challenges Complete
The Visitor (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Victory Royale - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Wet Paint - Umbrella - Fortnite.png
The Visitor
Victory Royale
Wet Paint