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The Future Is Yours
— Season 9

Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale started on May 9th, 2019, and ended on August 1st, 2019 at 84 days (roughly 3 months), with Chapter 2: Season 1 being the longest at 128 days (4 months.)

This season revolved mainly around the Future and Sci-Fi. You can find the full list of cosmetics released in this season here.

How did it Start?

Season 8 introduced the Volcano, which was created by The Prisoner to rival The Ice king, and to use as his own base of operations. At the end of the season, The Unvaulting Event somehow affected the magma underneath the island, causing The Volcano to erupt, launching three fireballs that caused the destruction of Tilted Towers, the east side of Retail Row, and created a giant crack on the side of Polar Peak.

During the volcano, a snapshot of Jonesy hid in a bunker with Peely. Despite the bunker doors being unable to open from the inside, Jonesy and Peely had the time of their lives, as the facility possessed areas such as gyms and arcade rooms. However, after months of consumption, they eventually ran out of food. After possibly years had passed, Sentinel and other battle pass skins broke into the bunker and rescued Jonesy, who had turned into Bunker Jonesy, and was forced to blend Peely into a milkshake in order to survive.

While Bunker Jonesy was in the bunker, the island's technology drastically changed. Singularity, the guardian of The Vault likely working for The Imagined Order, allowed the loopers residing outside the loop on the island (in the area known as the extra-loop which is where winners of the battle royale go to when they eliminate everybody) to use technology from the vault. Due to this, Tilted Towers was rebuilt into a futuristic version of itself known as Neo Tilted, and a statue of Singularity was built in the city to honour her help to the citizens of the island. The destroyed shopping district of Retail Row was rebuilt into Mega Mall, and all houses in the POI received futuristic upgrades too. The wreckage and debris caused by The Volcano was gathered up and stored at Junk Junction, including a severely damaged Clock Tower from Tilted Towers. Sky Platforms were constructed as research stations, and each of them levitated above the locations where the corruption zones used to be located, likely studying them. A giant network of slipstreams surrounded the island for easy transport. One large ring of slipstreams circled the entire map, while two smaller rings enclosed Mega Mall and Neo Tilted, each connected to the main slipstream network. It is possible that the Sky Platforms and slipstreams were powered by Cube Energy due to their purple colourings.

The Unnamed Investigation Agency took it upon itself to supply power to the new areas around the map. Their research facilities at Loot Lake were upgraded, and a large power chord was constructed, leading from The Vault to Neo-Tilted, supplying energy from The Zero Point to power the city. The UIA also construct ed a geothermal power station called Pressure Plant at The Volcano. Wind turbines were also constructed surrounding Pleasant Park, as that area had not yet been upgraded with futuristic technology. No Sweat Insurance also survived following the eruption of The Volcano, and its office in Neo Tilted was upgraded. Following their restaurants being destroyed in Retail Row, the Durr Burger restaurant and Tomato Town restaurant began competing once again. The Tomato Town restaurant was rebuilt at Mega Mall once again, while Durr Burger moved to Neo Tilted. Both companies actively advertised themselves using the hot air balloons located above the island.

The Season 9 Storyline

The impact of the Volcano's fireball to polar peak seemed minor at first, but it caused severe damage to the integrity of the mountain, and awakened something big inside of it. Over the course of the next few weeks, the ice at Polar Peak began cracking apart and melting even further, eventually revealing a giant eye belonging to The Devourer, a powerful monster locked away and frozen by The Ice King.

On Week 5 of the season, The Devourer broke out of Polar Peak, destroying the castle and half of the mountain. Judging by the footsteps left behind by The Devourer, after breaking out of the mountain, the monster headed west and went into The Ocean. During this time period, the monster could be seen swimming around the island.

Within the next two weeks, The Devourer returned to the island several times, destroying the northern-most Snobby Shores house, the modern house in Pleasant Park, and the western Loot Lake research buildings. In his path of destruction in Loot Lake, The Devourer also damaged the power chord leading to Neo Tiled, ripping off its outer casing and showing its interior wires.

Following these destructive events, Singularity partnered with the UIA to use Pressure Plant to construct the Mecha Team Leader to fight the robot. Pressure Plant was soon taken apart, and a new layout built for construction of the Mecha. Meanwhile, around the island, holographic propoganda signs began appearing in areas to help promote support for the mecha construction.

Mecha Team Leader finally finished construction at Pressure Plant after two weeks of building. The robot was painted in a range of different colours, as a countdown for The Final Showdown event appeared, an event that would end in victory, or the complete destruction of the island.

The Final Showdown

When the countdown for The Final Showdown reached zero, The Devourer entered the island near Lazy Lagoon, sweeping a pirate camp out of its way and blasting its surroundings with a huge beam of energy radiating from its mouth. The monster proceeded to head to Loot Lake, where it attempted to punch its way through the locked hatch. It was at this moment that the mecha activated, piloted by Singularity, and distracted the monster from The Vault. After the robot launched two batches of missiles at the Devourer, the creature retaliated by blasting the mecha with an energy beam. After recovering from the strong attack by the monster, the robot sprinted at the monster and boosted into it, lifting it into the air and off the map. After some time, the robot emerged from the water and went back onto the map, seemingly victorious. However, in a plot twist, the monster leapt out of the water and landed on the robot, knocking it to the ground. In the ensuing carnage, The Mecha threw off The Devourer, but was severely damaged with his left arm missing, causing him to collapse on top of Loot Lake. As the monster got back on its feet, Singularity realized that if she failed, The Devourer would break into The Vault and consume The Zero Point, causing reality to collapse and an end-of-the-world scenario. In a desperate last attempt to kill The Devourer, The Mecha punched through The Vault hatch, grabbing The Zero Point and tearing it out of containment, lifting it out of The Vault and cracking its outer shell, absorbing its inner energy. As the monster readied up for another attack, Mecha destroyed The Vault hatch by punching through it, tearing The Zero Point out of containment and lifting it out of The Vault. It then proceeded to crack its outer shell, absorbing its energy. When The Devourer attacked again, Mecha set The Zero Point back down and punched the monster round the head, sending it tumbling backwards. With its newfound energy, Mecha approached the singularity statue at Neo Tilted and grabbed it, pulling it out. As the monster slowly regained strength and got back on its feet, the statue was revealed to be a sword called The Sword Of Singularity. Now, the Mecha charged the sword with The Zero Point energy and faced the monster in a final showdown. As the two leapt at each other, The Mecha stabbed the sword through The Devourer's head, finally killing it once and for all. As the monster's corpse quickly decomposed due to The Zero Point energy, leaving behind bare skeletal parts, Mecha Team Leader boosted into the sky and disappeared along with Singularity, never reappearing again as of Chapter 2: Season 8.

However, the battle left behind a major problem. The Zero Point was now out of containment and located above the destroyed Vault hatch at Loot Lake. Within the next few days, The Zero Point rapidly destabilized, starting to pulse rapidly with energy and radiate lots of energy from the cracks on its outer shell. This energy corrupted a nearby tree, causing it's leaves to change color to orange. By that time it was clear, The Zero Point was here to stay...

New Features

Update v9.00 (May 9th, 2019)

  • Map
    • Slipstreams: Aerial streams for easy mobility.
    • Sky Platforms: Sky bases that can be accessed through a slipstream.
    • Added Neo Tilted
    • Added Mega Mall
    • Added Pressure Plant

Update v9.01 (May 15th, 2019)

Update v9.10 (May 22nd,2019)

v9.10 Content Update (May 29th, 2019)

Update v9.20 (June 6th, 2019)

Update v9.21 (June 12th, 2019)

Update v9.30 (June 18th, 2019)

v9.30 Content Update #1 (June 25th, 2019)

v9.30 Content Update #2 (July 2nd, 2019)

v9.30 Content Update #3 (July 9th, 2019)

Update v9.40 (July 17th, 2019)

  • Unvaulted (July 20th, 2019)

v9.41 Content Update (July 23rd, 2019)

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass costs V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png 950 V-Bucks, like the previous seasons. New in this season are Fortbytes. Fortbytes: Found around the map, through progression, and Battle Royale. They make an image about The Final Showdown. Dual Pickaxes: Twice the harvest in one strike. Animated Wraps: Used to enhance your weaponized appearance

Battle Pass Rewards

Rox (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Sentinel (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Tomatohead - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Sentinel - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Rox - Spray - Fortnite.png
Ripe Rippers - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
Tier 1
Tier 1
Tier 3
Tier 5
Tier 6
Ripe Rippers
Tier 7
Lava Rising - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Justice - Music - Fortnite.png
Rex Roar - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
This Way - Spray - Fortnite.png
Turbo Spin - Glider - Fortnite.png
Driftin' - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Lava Rising
Tier 10
Tier 12
Rex Roar
Tier 13
This Way
Tier 14
Turbo Spin
Tier 15
Tier 16
Ripe - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Pixel Jonesy - Spray - Fortnite.png
Rox - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Bunker Jonesy (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
... - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Vibrant - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Tier 19
Pixel Jonesy
Tier 20
Tier 22
Bunker Jonesy
Tier 23
Tier 25
Tier 26
Kyo - Pet - Fortnite.png
Conquest - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Cluck Strut - Emote - Fortnite.png
Love Ranger - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Flying Disc - Toy - Fortnite.png
That Way - Spray - Fortnite.png
Kyo (Pink)
Tier 28
Tier 30
Cluck Strut
Tier 31
Love Ranger
Tier 32
Flying Disc
Tier 35
That Way
Tier 36
Brite Future - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Scarlet Strike - Glider - Fortnite.png
Fate - Spray - Fortnite.png
Too Tilted - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Wukong - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Kyo (Purple) - Pet - Fortnite.png
Brite Future
Tier 37
Scarlet Strike
Tier 39
Tier 41
Too Tilted
Tier 43
Tier 44
Kyo (Purple)
Tier 46
Vega (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Bananas! - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Durrr! - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Nope - Spray - Fortnite.png
Vox - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
Nana Nana - Spray - Fortnite.png
Tier 47
Tier 49
Tier 53
Tier 54
Tier 55
Nana Nana
Tier 57
Pink Splatter - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Kyo (Black) - Pet - Fortnite.png
Sign Spinner - Emote - Fortnite.png
Molten Legends - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Ark - Spray - Fortnite.png
Fancy Flying Disc - Toy - Fortnite.png
Pink Splatter
Tier 59
Kyo (Black)
Tier 60
Sign Spinner
Tier 63
Molten Legends
Tier 65
Tier 66
Fancy Flying Disc
Tier 68
Stratus - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Skeptical - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Kyo (Orange) - Pet - Fortnite.png
Stratus - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Lightning Strike - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Retaliator - Glider - Fortnite.png
Tier 71
Tier 72
Kyo (Orange)
Tier 74
Tier 75
Lightning Strike
Tier 77
Tier 79
Heat - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Surrender - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Storm - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Bot - Spray - Fortnite.png
Demi - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Plasma Trail - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Tier 80
Tier 82
Tier 84
Tier 85
Tier 87
Plasma Trail
Tier 89
Sentinel - Spray - Fortnite.png
Neo World - Music - Fortnite.png
IDK - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Neon Glow - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Laid Back Shuffle - Emote - Fortnite.png
Power Surge - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Tier 90
Neo World
Tier 93
Tier 93
Neon Glow
Tier 94
Laid Back Shuffle
Tier 95
Power Surge
Tier 97
Vendetta (New Icon) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Tier 100

Free Tiers

Rock Love - Spray - Fortnite.png
Mesmerized - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Neo Tubes - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Cuddle Up - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Yay! - Emote - Fortnite.png
Field Flyer - Glider - Fortnite.png
Rock Love
Tier 2
Tier 4
Neo Tubes
Tier 6
Cuddle Up
Tier 8
Tier 14
Field Flyer
Tier 22
Sunbird - Spray - Fortnite.png
Cursed - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Bunker Basher - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
Sad Trombone - Emote - Fortnite.png
Air Royale - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Afterburner - Music - Fortnite.png
Tier 26
Tier 30
Bunker Basher
Tier 38
Sad Trombone
Tier 46
Air Royale
Tier 50
Tier 54
Skull Trooper - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Bush Peek - Spray - Fortnite.png
Skull Trooper
Tier 58
Bush Peek
Tier 62

Achievement Rewards

Holographic - Umbrella - Fortnite.png
One Shot - Umbrella - Fortnite.png
Victory Royale
One Shot
Victory Royale
Wick's Bounty


Season 9 had many challenges to come across through.

There were the Utopia Challenges for the Battle Pass, which one of them gave Fortbytes to unlock a new outfit: Singularity.

For the John Wick crossover, the Wick's Bounty challenges got added, where players got to unlock a new wrap, spray, and an emoticon.

The Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan came to Fortnite and the additional challenges arrived with it. Players got to search many hidden secrets in that LTM.

From June 25-July 8, a summer celebration started with challenges nicknamed 14 Days of Summer. Each day, they would also unvault a weapon for a limited time.

Season 9 also celebrated Fortnite's birthday, and with it have come the challenges, with the rewards being a new spray, emoticon, wrap, and Lobby Track, with a pickaxe being earnable after completing all Birthday challenges. The Overtime Challenges also started at this point with new styles for 3 outfits.

Map Changes


The first cinematic trailer includes Peely and Jonesy running away from the Volcano's explosions, when it was destroying half of Retail Row, cracking Polar Peak, and destroying Tilted Towers, they find themselves at the elevator, porting them to an arcade. Vega, Sentinel, and Rox arrive, and show the players the new and futuristic Neo Tilted.