Season XP is a form of Experience in Battle Royale that can be obtained by playing regular matches, or through completing Challenges/Quests.

The XP System has gone through lots of changes with it first being introduced in Season 1.

Ways To Earn

Action XP Earned
Searched Items:
Produce Box 65
Fishing Pole Barrel 65
Ammo Box 100
Chest 130
Supply Drop 135
Llama 735
Knocked 25
Shakedown 100
Eliminated 150
XP Coins:
Green 5000
Blue 6500
Purple (Total of Fragments) 10300
Gold 15000
Catch Fireflies 25
Collect Foraged Item 25
Catch Fish/Weapon in Fishing Hole 80
New Storm Circle 140
Battle Medals:
Earned 150
Upgraded 110
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