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This Page/Section is about an item that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Sniper Rifle: Semi-Automatic. A mid to long range rifle that deals good damage and can be fired quickly. Scoped for additional down sights accuracy.
— In-Game Description

The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is a Sniper Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Season 0 with the launch of Battle Royale.


The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is a fully-automatic weapon which fires a single, fast moving projectile bullet, which is affected by gravity (the bullet moves towards the floor over distance). The weapon is fitted with a Scope for long range engagements. Firing the weapon from the hip is very inaccurate also, having no indication on which direction the bullet will go. Unlike other Sniper Rifles it has multiple bullets in its magazine, allowing for repeated fire.


Semi Auto Snipers range from dealing 75 Damage per shot to 78 Damage per shot (90-93.6 damage per second). All Snipers use Heavy Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Heavy Ammo. The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle has a headshot multiplier of 2.5x.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Uncommon Rare
DPS: 90 DPS: 93.6
Damage: 75 Damage: 78
Magazine Size: 10 Magazine Size: 10
Fire Rate: 1.2 Fire Rate: 1.2
Reload Time: 2.5s Reload Time: 2.3s

The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is a Fast Moving Projectile weapon. As it uses a scope, the fired bullet will always shoot from the center of the crosshair. There is no damage falloff on the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle's projectiles.


Sound Type Rarity Audio
Pullout Uncommon and Rare


From when the weapon was last available in Season 9

Rarity Chest Floor





Strategy Guide

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  • The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle can be fired several times before reloading, and so the player can afford to be less accurate when firing the weapon.
  • As the scope does not zoom in as far as other sniper rifles do, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is better to use at mid range, as it can hit decent damage multiple times before reloading.
  • Holding he trigger won't work since the gun is Semi-automatic, to make it actually having a fire rate of 6.75, you will have to tap the trigger 6.75 times a sec. Though, when this version got introduced it was fully-automatic, it eventually got fixed back to semi-automatic and it was too overpowered.


Season 0

  • Update v1.6: Added the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in Epic and Legendary Rarities.
  • Update v1.71: Increased damage from 42 Epic and 44 Legendary to 63 Epic and 66 Legendary

Season 5

  • Update v5.00: Increased the Damage of both Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle rarities by 12.
  • Update v5.40: Lowered the Rarities of the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle to Uncommon and Rare, stats remain the same.

Season 6

  • Update v6.21: Vaulted the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in both rarities.

Season 9

  • Update v9.10: Unvaulted the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in both rarities.

Season X

  • Update v10.00: Vaulted the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in both rarities.


  • Despite being named the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle, the weapon actually fires fully automatically, albeit with a slow fire rate.
  • It is unclear what it is based on, but the most likely answer would be the American Ruger Mini-14 with a different stock.