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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Floppers are a category of Fish found in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were added in Chapter 2: Season 8.


Shadow Floppers are caught usually in Fishing Holes, but they can be caught in calm waters too at a still decent chance. They are found in any body of water, with all versions being found anywhere.

The maximum size of Shadow Floppers can be 60cm, the minimum being 30cm.

Name Image Location
Orange Flopper
Green Flopper
Blue Flopper
Pink Flopper
Teal Flopper


Floppers are consumed to heal 40 HP. They can only be consumed at less than full HP. Consuming one will turn the player into a Shadow, like a Shadow Stone. Exiting Shadow form when inside a prop will break most props instantly. If it doesn't break it, it will push the player out.

Floppers can be thrown by holding the Aim button and using the projectile arc to guide them. Once landed, it will ping its location to squad-mates


Floppers heal 40 HP. They take 1 second to consume.

Shadow Flopper
Shadow Flopper - Flopper - Fortnite.png
Healing: 40 HP
Max Stack: 4
Time to Use: 1s

Strategy Guide

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  • Shadow Floppers are very useful having a quick escape, as well as healing a bit too before you leave. This makes them very useful when outrunning The Storm.


Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.00: Added Shadow Floppers in 5 versions:
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Teal

Chapter 3: Season 1


  • When picked up and dropped / thrown, all Shadow Floppers become Orange Shadow Floppers as well the Orange Shadow Flopper being the icon for all Shadow Floppers.
  • The Shadow Flopper's appearance is similar to that of the base Flopper, as it appears to be a Flopper which ate a shadow stone.