Shadow Stones was a type of consumable added to Fortnite: Battle Royale with Battle Pass Season 6. It is found typically within the corrupted areas of the map, such as Wailing Woods. There are seven such locations on the map.

Once used, players will assume a Shadow Form for a brief period of time, up to 45 seconds, which can be canceled by holding down the Alt Fire button. While this form grants players invisibility, it is only while they remain stationary, when moving, there is a purple contrail. The following additional caveats apply:

Shadow Stone Effect - Fortnite
  • Players are unable to use weapons.
  • When on the move, they leave behind a Shadow Trail.
  • Players gain increased movement speed, jump height, and are immune to falling damage.
  • The Phase ability can be accessed via the Primary Fire button and will propel players forward, allowing them to phase through solid objects, such as walls, trees, and even player buildings.
  • Shadow Bombs are being added on the 2nd of May 2019, which will give you the powers of a shadow stone but in a grenade.

The Shadow Stones were removed with the Season 7 update.

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