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A shakedown is a game mechanic in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 2 and allows players to temporarily locate nearby members of an opponent's squad, or alternatively, AI.


A Shakedown can only be performed when an opponent is knocked. Going up to them and pressing the interact key plays a short animation, in which the player picks the opponent up, opens up a tablet and then drops them. During this time, the player is briefly unable to move, but shortly gains the ability to. However the player cannot switch to a weapon during this time. The whole process takes around 5 seconds. In this time, different effects play out depending on whether the opponent is a player or an AI.


Shaking down an enemy player will highlight the location of the player's squad mates, depending on how close they are to the knocked player. If a squad member is within 50m of the knocked player, they will briefly have their outline highlighted, and then have a marker above their head for 60 seconds, which updates in real time.


Shaking down an AI does the same thing as shaking down a player, but will highlight all other AI in the same radius, as well as marking all Chests, and Security Cameras in the area.

Strategy Guide

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  • Shaking down an opponent can be extremely helpful, as it can not only mark where other players are, but also give you a real time indicator on whereabouts they may peak from cover, allowing for you to easily predict where a player is going to be, to get the jump on them.
  • A shakedown uses the same key bind as picking up an item, so distancing a knocked player from an item you want to pick up may be ideal in order to not put yourself at unnecessary risk.
  • The Shakedown animation is very lengthy for mid fight, and should really only be enacted when you know you are safe from attack. However, if the opponent is communicating with their squad members, they may use your shakedown as an opportunity to rush you when you are vulnerable.


Chapter 2: Season 2


  • Some items have very similar uses to the Shakedown. These are:
    • Flare Gun: Marks and highlights all opponents within the vicinity of the flare, regardless of squad affiliation.
    • Vendetta Flopper: Marks and highlights only one opponent within the vicinity, that being the closest one.
    • Shadow Tracker: Marks opponents shot with the weapon like a Shakedown, but does not do the 50m radius highlight.
    • Recon Scanner: Scans Opponents and Containers in a radius.
  • Stark Robots are the only thing that can be knocked but can't be Shaken down
  • It appears that the tablet itself shows the original form of the Apollo map from Chapter 2: Season 1.
  • You can Shakedown a person twice.