Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts is located on the west of the Battle Royale Map. It is set around a small mine, and has several small houses above the mine. There are low amounts of loot and tends to have only a few players there, due to the much more popular Tilted Towers, north of it.


  • The mine can be entered via multiple access points and has a set of tunnels.
  • Due to the tunnels, this place is best with a close-quarters combat type of weapon, such as the shotgun.
  • A "streamer house" is to the west, so named for the basement studio. There is also an unnamed house below that house.
  • A small town lies to the south whose most prominent feature is a giant, wooden chair.
  • Due to the release of Season 7, Shifty Shafts has been covered in snow, but remains the same.
    Shifty Shafts (Top View) - Locations - Fortnite


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