Limited Edition skins

Skins or outfits are cosmetic items that players may purchase for their heroes to use. Skins are also available for weapons (aka sets) and some items, such as the glider. Some are free, while others require unlocking and purchasing using either the Battle Pass and/or via the Item Shop using V-Bucks. The Item Shop rotates its inventory daily and showcases limited-time and normal items and cosmetics.

Twitch, Playstation Plus, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch all have unique skins as well. On this page is a sampling of skins within Fortnite.


Price of a given skin is based on its rarity. All prices are in V-Bucks.

  • Uncommon: 800
  • Rare: 1,200
  • Epic: 1,500
  • Legendary: 2,000


Weapons and Sets


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