Find your greatest adventure.
— In Game Description.

Skye is a Epic-rarity Outfit in Fortnite that can be obtained in the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass at level 80 for 950 V-Bucks.. She is a boss at The Shark and has her own Mythical Assault Rifle and Mythical Grappler.

Cosmetic Review

As young as she seems, Skye‘s Vibe, graphics design, and her set are apparently inspired largely on the Adventure Time and The Legend of Zelda series, and her Challenges reveal her Adventure Personality.

  • Her Ghost variant consists of a brown leather jacket and green camo colors colliding with Link from The Legend of Zelda Series which makes sense since she is an adventurer.
  • Her Shadow variant consists of a dark and vibrant purple color, somewhat similar to Chic.
  • Skye unlocks her Golden Agent variant at level 260, and every time you level up it becomes more gold. It will be fully gold at level 300.

Bonus Features

Skye has a traversal built in emote called Ollie Bounce, which summons her traveling companion, Ollie (which is also made into a glider ( when it is equipped and is skydiving, it is therefore reactive) from her head to keep her company as she treks across the Fortnite island. Her pet Ollie also functions as a hat during regular gameplay.

Similar to Brutus, when Skye's harvesting tool Epic Swords of Wonder and Adventure Pack back bling are put together, they have a back flair. This means that the swords will remain in the back bling when Skye has an item equipped, and the swords will disappear from the back bling and will go to her hands when she has her harvesting tool out.


  • She is a boss at The Shark.
  • She is the only Battle Pass skin from Chapter 2: Season 2 with two special features.
  • Although majority of the Player base picked SHADOW, she became a GHOST Boss. This was presumably done for the sake of the storyline.



SKYE (Gameplay Fornite)

SKYE (Gameplay Fornite)

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