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Sludgy Swamp was a Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale added in Chapter 2: Season 7 to the island Apollo. It was located at the south of Weeping Woods, northwest of Misty Meadows, and southeast of Holly Hedges.


Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Update v17.30: The Mothership has begun abducting the location, breaking it apart and lifting it into the air. The Factory, a few chunks of land, and a warehouse are now suspended in the air by the Mothership Tractor Beam. Henchbros also now spawn here to Observe, observing the abduction.
    • August 5th - The chunks have risen higher.
    • August 8th - The Factory has rotated.
  • Content Update v17.30: Part of the Factory and several other buildings have been abducted into The Mothership. The Tractor Beam has disappeared and so the low-gravity effect is gone.
  • Update v17.40: Henchbros no longer spawn here.
  • Update v17.50: The pools of Slurp water disappeared as the Slurp pipes had been barred; thus Slurpy Swamp is now named Sludgy Swamp.

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00: Sludgy Swamp is removed after being flipped and submerged

Strategy Guide

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  • Sludgy Swamp is a great source for gaining Shield and Health via the Slurp Barrels that can be found around the location. If landed here, you can get maximum shield without the use of Shield Potions.
  • Since Sludgy Swamp is a Named Location, it is often poplulated with players especially in Solos and Duos making it a risky drop spot. Alternative locations with Slurp Barrels and loot are Shanty Town and Dampy Dish where they are less populated.



Other Buildings



  • Even if Slurpy Swamp was abducted in v17.30, it is only in v17.50 that the POI changes its name.
    • Before v17.50, even though there was no longer the Slurp factory, the pools of slurp water were still present.
    • In v17.50 Slurpy Swamp is renamed to Sludgy Swamp because the remains are only ruins and the industries have disappeared.
  • It is unknown if only the remnants are part of Sludgy Swamp and the parts in The Mothership are still part of the overall Slurpy Swamp; to be safe, both are included here.
  • Interestingly, the remains of an IO Camp set up by the Imagined Order would be found on the western side of the location, near the remains of the warehouses. This was unusual because the last incarnation of Slurpy Swamp did not have this tent and small communications tower there, whereas they are present here.
    • This would indicate that the location was still under the watch, and possible control, of the IO.