Slurpy Swamp is one of the locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was added at the beginning of Chapter 2: Season 1. It is a swamp with a Slurp Juice factory.


Slurpy Swamp is in the southwestern corner of the map. It borders Lazy Lake to the east and Weeping Woods to the north. The Shanty Town landmark and the Hydro 16 landmark are to the west and east of the location.


Slurpy Swamp is a swamp like Moisty Mire and Moisty Palms. It has a factory, similar to Flush Factory which was around the same location. The factory is also similar to Steamy Stacks. The factory is a slurp juice factory. As a result, the rivers of the swamp are filled with Slurp Juice, giving you healing. There is also a big tank of slurp juice in the factory.


  • The rivers of Slurpy Swamp are filled with Slurp Juice from the factory. As a result, you can heal yourself from the rivers in the location. There is also a big barrel of Slurp Juice which can also heal you.
  • Slurpy Swamp is the home of Rippley and his alter ego Sludge.
  • Slurpy Swamp might be the home of Big Chuggus.
  • it is confirmed Chaos Agent runs Slurpy Swamps as he was seen in the Slurp Legends trailer.
  • There are two dropboxes in this area. The Ghost dropbox is located at the far left of the building. The Shadow drop box is located by the bridge entrance on the far right.
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