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Real name? Classified. Ninja master? Verified.
— In-Game Description

Snake Eyes is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that can be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,800 V-Bucks. He is a part of the Arashikage Clan Set and was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 5.

Item Shop Appearances

Appearances: 51



Early indications are that we're getting exactly what we need… …from asset: Snake Eyes.
Loop Observation

Snake Eyes (real name classified) is a character from Reality: 10155 that was hired by Agent Jones to prevent anyone from escaping the Loop during Chapter 2: Season 5.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Snake Eyes was brought to Reality Zero by Agent Jones in the middle of a fight. After his arrival, Snake Eyes was acknowledged by the Imagined Order to be one of their strongest assets.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 3

After Batman was getting closer to escaping The Loop, the Imagined Order sent Snake Eyes to slow him down. After countless battles, they start to grow a respect that can't be wiped when the loop resets. Batman saves Snake Eyes from falling off a cliff, they then communicate with Sign Language and Snake Eyes goes into The Storm, letting Batman escape the loop.


  • Snake Eyes cannot speak out of The Loop, due to an accident where glass from a shattered window scarred his face, and damaged his vocal cords.

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