Solo is a mode in Battle Royale. The game is the player versus at most 99 other players, reaching a total of about 100 players. The player's goal is to survive until the end of the match and be the last one standing to gain the Victory Royale.

The player can eliminate other players and vice-versa. The player can eliminate other players by causing damage to them with weapons. Once a player reaches 0 health, they are eliminated and will spectate their eliminator.

Also, Reboot Vans will not work and there is no ”Down-but-not-out” stage after being knocked, because no one would be able to revive you.

With the introduction of Chapter 2: Season 2, Solos began losing players due to the massive amounts of Sweats only began getting worse the higher level a player were.

People could use a glitch to have fun by setting up accounts and making bot lobby games, however, Epic Games, with the intention of trying to make things more difficult, removed this feature.

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