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Spawn Island is the location where every player spawns before entering a Battle Bus that takes players over to the main Island. It acts as a pre-game lobby in order to gather up the amount of players needed to start the match. Once all players are gathered, a 10 second timer starts and the match begins. The Spawn Island is not visible on the Map, but is visible from the main Island. Although referred to as Spawn Island, it is not always presented as one, rather it is just a location where players spawn, named as such, due to it being an Island for the longest time.

Consistent Features

As the Spawn Island acts as a waiting area for the match to start, it contains many loot spawns. The loot at Spawn Island is usually Weapons and Ammunition, but Materials also spawn here. Players can build, destroy the environment, gather loot, and attack players except for their teammates. Loot gathered in this location will not transfer to the start of the game and is taken from the loot pool of the current Season/Playlist. Players also do not take damage in this location from any source.

A Battle Bus will always be present on Spawn Island in some form.


Spawn Island has existed as long as Fortnite: Battle Royale has. In earlier Seasons it did not update, but as time went on, and the introduction of Season 7, the first visual changes began to apply to Spawn Island too, fitting with each Season.

Season 1

  • In Season 1, Spawn Island is first added to the game. It contains a small obstacle course, a runway, several Battle Buses, and a control tower, amongst other things. The Island is indestructible. It is surrounded by an invisible barrier so players cannot fall off it and into the water.
  • The Season 1 Spawn Island remains for 6 Seasons, and at some point, an update to the game allows for the Island’s environment to be destroyed.

Season 6

  • Update v6.31: Near the end of the season, snow began to fall on Spawn Island.

Season 7

  • Update v7.00: Spawn Island became covered in snow, as the Athena Island is covered in snow as well. This change does not persist as the snow later melts. This marks the first visual change to the island.

Season 8

  • Update v8.00: The snow has melted. Spawn Island has been revamped and is now jungle-themed.

Season 9

Season X

  • Update v10.00: Spawn Island has now become a mixture of all its previous versions.
  • Mid-season, TV's randomly started appearing on Spawn Island.

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • Update v11.00: Spawn Island has now become a beach-like theme with sand at the edges of the island.
  • Update v11.50: A mysterious screen has appeared on the Spawn Island. Currently the screen is displaying a glitched visual.

Chapter 2: Season 2

  • Update v12.00:
    • Several Ghost and Shadow recruitment posters have appeared around Spawn Island.
    • Two secret bases has appeared under Spawn Island, one belonging to Ghost, and the other belonging to Shadow.

Chapter 2: Season 3

Chapter 2: Season 4

  • Update v14.60:
  • November 21st: A timer has appeared above Spawn Island.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 2: Season 8

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00: Spawn Island is completely revamped with brand new buildings and a new layout.

Chapter 3: Season 3


  • There have been numerous methods that allowed players to travel to Spawn Island in-game.
    • Building out towards Spawn Island and then speeding up a Shopping Cart.
    • Building out towards Spawn Island and then speeding up a Whiplash with full fuel for boost.
    • Flying a Choppa or Saucer high towards Spawn Island.





IO Base 02

IO Base 03

IO Base 04



Brick Hut 1

Brick Hut 2

White Hut 1

White Hut 2




White Hut

Container Yard


Main Building



Parking Lot




White Hut 2

Parcour Course

Small Brick Building

White Hut 3


Hangar 1

Hangar 2


Brick Hut 1

Brick Hut 2

White Hut 1

White Hut 2

White Hut 3

White Hut 3