Squads is a gamemode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Unlike Solos, this gamemode consists of teams. In this gamemode, there are around 25 squads of 4 players. There may be less due to players that wish to do squads with less players than 4, for a more challenging game.

Unlike solos, when a player looses all of their health, assuming that they have at least one teammate alive, they will simply fall to the ground, also known as "knocked". When a player is knocked, they can only crawl. They cannot attack or build. They can, however, be attacked, and they can loose health. The "knocked" player will still loose health, not dependent on if they're being attacked. They will lose one health per second, and can take additional damage from other players, the storm, or falling. The player can either be revived or they can die. If the player gets revived, they will come back to life with 30 health. If they were knocked from falling damage, they will still have the shield that they previously had. If the player dies, however, they will spectate either their eliminator or their remaining teammates.

The squads gamemode is always one of the playable gamemodes. It will always have the same weapons, traps, edibles, and map as solos and duos. Loot rarity and ammo stacks are slightly more than Duos and Solos.