Squads are groups of characters that are placed into teams to provide the player with specific types of attributes. There are three types of Squads - Survivor, Defender and Expedition. Survivor Squads utilize Survivors to increase F.O.R.T. stats.  A Defender squad adds defense to the storm shields in Stonewood , Plankerton , Canny Valley and Twine Peaks . The Expedition Squad are characters that can be sent out by the player to gather valuable resources. Create Squads by matching a group's personalities and jobs to add additional bonuses. 

Squad types can also have additional Squads.  

Survivor Squads

  • EMT Squad - Increase health and health regen. 
  • Fire Team Alpha - Increase ranged and melee weapon damage. 
  • Gadgeteers - Increase shield and sheid regen. 
  • Corps of Engineering - Increase trap damage, abiliity damage, gadget damage and healing done. 
  • Training Team - Increase health and health regen.
  • Close Assault Squad - Increase ranged and melee weapon damage.
  • Scounting Party - Increase shield and shield regen.
  • The Think Tank - Increase trap damage, ability damage, gadget damage, and healing done. 

Defender Squads

  • Homebase Storm Shield
  • Plankerton Storm Shield
  • Canny Valley Storm Shield
  • Twine Peaks Storm Shield
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