Steamy Stacks, formally known as "Kevolution Energy", is a location on the northeast of the second Battle Royale Map. Powered by Kevin the Cube, the power station provides power to the entirety of the island, with visible power lines toward that of Retail Row.

The location has four buildings, each labeled, oddly missing number 1. Building 2 contains the primary reactor hall, containing the energy created by the Cube. The energy created within the reactor is pumped to Building 4, containing the turbine hall, where the turbine creates electricity. The electricity is sent to Building 3, where the power is managed and transformed, then sent across the power lines to power the island. The waste product is sent to one of the cooling towers, which is also pumped into the other cooling tower within the pump room in Building 5.

The waste emits high amounts of steam and energy once dumped, to the point where players are blown through the cooling towers and out of the top, if they attempt to jump into the waste. Waste can also be seen disposed into the bodies of water near the location, thus polluting the water present there.

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