Consume to give yourself bad gas!
— In-Game Description

Stink Floppers (Stink Fish in-game) are a category of Fish found in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were added in Chapter 2: Season 6.

For other fish with the suffix Flopper, see Floppers, Snowy Flopper, Vendetta Flopper, and Midas Flopper.


Stink Floppers are caught usually in Fishing Holes, but they can be caught in calm waters too at a still decent chance. They are found in any body of water, with all versions being found anywhere. They can be caught with any rarity fishing rod.

The maximum size of Stink Floppers can be 70cm, the minimum being 35cm.

Name Image Location
Blue Stink Flopper
Blue Stink Fish- Stink Fish - Fortnite.png
Clown Stink Flopper
Clown Stink Fish- Stink Fish - Fortnite.png
Purple Stink Flopper
Purple Stink Fish- Stink Fish - Fortnite.png


Stink Floppers are consumed to heal 20 HP. They can only be consumed at less than full HP.

Stink Floppers can be thrown by holding the Aim button and using the projectile arc to guide them. Once landed, it will replicate the effects of a Stink Bomb, and create a cloud of toxic gas that does 5 damage per tick to players inside it. It has an identical effect to that of the Primal Stink Bow.


Stink Floppers can be found by Fishing anywhere on the map.


Stink Floppers heal 20 HP. They take 1 second to consume.

Stink Flopper
Stink Fish - Fortnite.png
Healing: 20 HP
Max Stack: 4
Time to Use: 1s

Strategy Guide

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  • Stink Floppers are useful to gain a small amount of health quickly, but differ from normal floppers in terms of situational applicability. Since they mimic Stink Bombs when thrown, it could be strategic to use them to draw out hiding enemies, or stir up a battle by forcing an enemy out of a position.
  • They can be used to spot enemies that are hidden. Throw it and when Damage per second indicators show, shoot underneath them and the enemy will be spotted.


Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Update v16.00: Stink Floppers are introduced along with the new season, and heal 20 HP, along with being a fishable Stink Bomb. They are added to the Fishing Collection Book and come in four versions:
    • Stink Flopper
    • Blue Stink Flopper
    • Clown Stink Flopper
    • Purple Stink Flopper


  • Stink Floppers resemble a Psychrolutidae, commonly known as a Blobfish. The fish only appears in its "blobby" shape due to muscular damage to the fish from being taken from an area of high pressure to low pressure.
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