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Stonewood map

Stonewood is the first location that players unlock on the PvE map. It has a recommended power level of 1-19. Players will need to complete all the missions on this map before unlocking Plankerton. There are over 50 buildings and landscapes to explore. Players will learn to build structures, place traps and defend their from waves of husks. This is the beginning zone for all new PvE players, so there are several tutorial missions to complete. 


  • Constructor Leadership - Unlock Constructor Leadership Tree Node
  • EMT Worker (Slot) - Assign a Survivor to the 1st EMT Squad Slot
  • Unlock Squads - Purchase the Unlock Squads Skill Tree Node
  • Before and After Science - Complete a Fight the Storm mission
  • Weakpoint Vision - learn how to swing for the weakpoint and reap additional rewards. 
  • Loot Llamas - Redeem a Mini llama from the Loot tab. Purchase and Upgrade Llama from the Loot tab. 
  • Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 1 - Players will learn how to establish a storm shield, activate it and then defend it. 
  • Ride the Lightning - Help Lars find and rescue his van
  • Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 2 - Increase your Storm Shield power level and defend.