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The Storm King is the final boss of Save The World mode in Fortnite, and as a Boss in Battle Royale during Fortnitemares 2019.

Battle Royale

Fortnitemares 2019

In Chapter 2: Season 1, a mode called Storm King was released for Fortnitemares of 2019. In this LTM, you would drop either to a nearby named or unnamed location. The storm would close in quickly, so you had to move fast if you didn't land on the Isle Of The Storm or the middle island. Then, you would have to defeat the Storm King by destroying all of his weak spots. After destroying his weak spots, you have to shoot him in the horns until his health bar is empty. Then you would be rewarded with a couple of battle medals and a new umbrella.

Save the World

The Storm King is first mentioned in the Stonewood Storyline, when Lars encounters him while in his van. Later in Canny Valley, Ray and The Commander decide to head into the Portal where the Storm King is.

Several key weak points must be destroyed, then the horns of the Storm King must be destroyed within a period of time. After one has been destroyed, you must destroy the weak spots again and then destroy the second horn. Then, shoot the Storm King to kill him. This gives you a successful mission.

Meanwhile, Desiree stays behind after it is defeated and blows up the portal using a Singularity Pulse Bomb while in the Storm Realm. The Storm King leaves behind his supposed heart, The Cube as it sinks into the pool in the center of the map.

Later in Twine Peaks, you fight a second Storm King, even more powerful than the first, having the storm close in on you if you didn't kill the Mini-Bosses. This is known as the Mythic Storm King. This Storm King can give you the first set of Mythic Weapons in Save the World. A Power Level of 128 is needed to fight the Mythic Storm King.


Roar 1
Dying 1

Sound Description
Tempest of the Storm King
Intro loop
Phase 1
Phase 2
New Weak Point (1)
New Weak Point (2)
Weak Point Broke (1)
Weak Point Broke (2)
Horn Broke
Waking Up
Final Phase


  • The Storm King was introduced in Update v7.00.
    • Defeating Him Before January 1st, 2019 would give you a free Storm King Pin.
  • The Storm King uses a Riot Husky’s shield, which can be seen after defeating him.