Sun Strider is a Season 5 Epic skin. Her male counterpart is Sun Tan Specialist.

Back Bling

Sun Strider's Back Bling, Rescue Ring, is a red and white life buoy with rope tied on it.


Sun Strider's Pickaxe, Rescue Paddle, is a lifeguard's kickboard and a white paddle tied together with rope.


Sun Strider's Glider, Splashdown, is a red rescue boat with the white words "RESCUE" on the sides. There are two propellers on the sides too that make the Glider glide.


  • The Headhunter skin is used as a model for this skin.
  • Sun Strider can be seen in the Season 5 trailer.
  • Sun Strider is seen in the Season 6 Cube trailer. She is seen hammering a no swimming sign when the lake rumbles. She looks at Sun Tan Specialist and mouths "What the?". Then when the Floating Island appears, she runs away.