A picture of Sunny Steps

Sunny Steps is a location on the northeastern corner of the map in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It replaced Wailing Woods in Bat

tle Pass Season 8. Sunny Steps is at the foot of the Volcano and is west of Lazy Lagoon and north of Lonely Lodge. South to Sunny Steps is an overgrown expedition building.


Sunny Steps appears to be an Aztec themed/inspired city. It has many pyramids and campfires inside its boundaries. It resembles Tomato Temple a little bit. Sunny Steps has 15 chests all around the location.


  • Sunny Steps has low to medium popularity.
  • 15 chests are located in the premises of Sunny Steps.
  • Stone and wood are the most common resources in Sunny Steps.
  • Towards Lazy Lagoon, there is an expedition outpost with some small outposts.
  • There are also some more outposts at the hot springs by the camp, which is not too far from Sunny Steps.
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