Supply drop

The Supply Drop is a box of supplies that may include potions, healing items and a legendary weapon.


  • The Supply drop is a balloon that will randomly descend from the sky in the safe zone.
  • Supply drops are loud and have a distinct sound when one appears in the sky.
  • Supply drops descend slowly.
  • When a Supply drop is opened, it also has its own unique sound letting your enemies know that they're around.
  • A blue flare can be seen for the position it will be dropped at
  • They contain a (powerful) weapon, ammo for the weapon, 30 of a random material, a random Trap, and a Consumable (i.e Medkit).
  • They appear in groups of 5 for each map shrink, during and after the third map shrink.
  • A sound will be heard when a supply drop has spawned.


  • Supply drops often have better loot rewards then a normal chest. Every Supply Drop also contains a Legendary.
  • Lots of players will try to attend the Supply Drop. Be cautious of your surroundings if you decide to try and get one. Protect yourself by building around you if needed. Or watch from a distance of somebody else attempting to loot, and be ready to ambush them if needed.
  • Supply drops can be shot down instead of waiting for its descent. They have "health" of about 1,500, so they will take some time to shoot down.


  • For the Christmas and Fortnite 1st Birthday events, the Supply Drop was visually changed to match the theme.
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