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Supply Drops are Legendary Containers in Battle Royale. They contain high tier weapons, several consumables and a good amount of materials. Supply Drops spawn high up in the sky, in the Eye of the Storm. They float down slowly with the help of a balloon which can be attacked and destroyed, causing the drop to plummet to the ground and be accessed much faster.

Supply Drops will also spawn at Pawntoon and some Vaults. Supply Drops are also physics objects, and will float when on water, and move down stream if landing in a river.

Loot Pool

Supply Drops grant 1 Epic or Legendary Weapon, along with its Ammunition. Additionally, 30 of Wood, Stone, and Metal will drop, alongside some consumables.

Item Category Image Rarity
Striker Pump Shotgun Shotgun Striker Pump Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png Epic
Striker Burst Rifle Assault Weapon Burst Assault Rifle (High Tier) - Weapon - Fortnite.png Epic
MK-Seven Assault Rifle Assault Weapon MK-Seven Assault Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png Epic
Ranger Assault Rifle Assault Weapon Ranger Assault Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png Epic
3x Small Shield Potion Healing Items Small Shield Potion (Chapter 2) - Consumable - Fortnite.png Uncommon
Shield Potion Healing Items Shield Potion (Chapter 2) - Consumable - Fortnite.png Rare
Medkit Healing Items
Medkit - Item - Fortnite.png
Armored Wall Trap
Armored Wall - Trap - Fortnite.png
Launch Pad Trap
Launch Pad - Trap - Fortnite.png
30 Wood Material
Icon logs.png
30 Stone Material
Icon Stone.png
30 Metal Material Icon IBeam.png Common

Strategy Guide

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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

  • Lots of players will try to collect the Supply Drop. Be cautious of your surroundings if you decide to try and get one. Protect yourself by building around you if needed. Or watch from a distance of somebody else attempting to loot, and be ready to ambush them if needed.
  • Supply Drops can be shot down instead of waiting for its descent. They have a balloon integrity, or it's balloon "health", so they will take some time to shoot down. Only shooting the balloon will have any effect.
  • If you have a sniper, you can use the drop as bait and snipe the target when they are trying to open the drop, or shortly after.
  • The Rail Gun and the Saucer's blast can quickly destroy the hot air balloon carrying a Supply Drop.




Chapter 2: Season 2

  • Update v12.30: Supply Drops are now retextured to have Deadpool insignia on them.

Chapter 2: Season 3

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00: Supply Drops will now move down water streams if the balloon is destroyed.
  • Update v19.40: Added Supply Drops to Creative Mode

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • Update v20.00: Updated texture for Supply Drops, they are now covered in green camouflage. The icon remains the same.


  • An Unused Feature would have been to use a Supply Drop Signal to call a Supply Drop to the player.