Survivor Squad
Survivor Squads are groups of Survivors designed to increase the attributes of the player's F.O.R.T. stats as well as additional bonuses. To use a specific Survival Squad, players will need to unlock the appropriate Skill in the Skill Tree. The first Squads that can be unlocked are the EMT and Fire Team Alpha teams. This is in the third slot of the Tier 1 tree. Survivors can be acquired by looting their cards from Llamas and from mission rewards. Survivors only attribute to the player's Base statistics and are not physical characters visible in the game.

Squads consist of a Lead Survivor, and up to seven additional Survivors. Each Survivor has a specific F.O.R.T. stat that they boost and an assigned job. They also have individual personalities. Assigning Survivors that match the personality and job of the Lead Survivor increases the group's bonuses. Survivor Squads are broken down into eight smaller groups, each covering specific jobs. 

Survivor Squads

  • EMT Squad - Increase health and health regen by 1% per point.
  • Fire Team Alpha - Increase ranged and melee weapon damage. 
  • Gadgeteers - Increase shield and sheid regen. 
  • Corps of Engineering - Increase trap damage, abiliity damage, gadget damage and healing done. 
  • Training Team - Increase health and health regen.
  • Close Assault Squad - Increase ranged and melee weapon damage.
  • Scounting Party - Increase shield and shield regen.
  • The Think Tank - Increase trap damage, ability damage, gadget damage, and healing done. 

Survivor Personalities

  • Adventurous
  • Analytical
  • Competitive
  • Cooperative
  • Curious
  • Dependable
  • Dreamer
  • Pragmatic