Sweaty Sands is a Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Sweaty Sands is located in the North-West of the Apollo map, above Holly Hedges, and formerly below The Shark. It's a beach town, with a large hotel and multiple houses, with a long pier as well. This bears many similarities to the Season 5 Location Paradise Palms, as it has a SoFDeeZ ice cream restaurant and a Hotel 23.


This location was originally added in Chapter 2: Season 1, along with other locations such as Steamy Stacks. It was also haunted for the Fortnitemares event in the same season. It was also covered in snow for Christmas Day, as well as many other locations. There were also Ghost and Shadow mailboxes located in Sweaty during Chapter 2: Season 2. There was also a Stage and inflated giant Astro Heads for the Astronomical Event. Bouncing on the giant heads was also a Challenge. Finally, in Chapter 2: Season 3, it was flooded along with many other POI's, but lots of buildings were saved by No Sweat Insurance, who installed floaties under under all the buildings, and also a mini film set was added on the pier. On July 30th, the water has receded again, Sweaty Sands is now back to its normal state and the buildings are no longer on floaties, a gas station has also been added on the western side of the location.


  • It is similar to Paradise Palms from the Chapter 1 map.
  • There is a buried chest in the beach that spawns in a random location every match.



Primal Barrier

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