There are many different things to do in Fortnite. There are Missions, Quests, and Tasks. A Mission allows the player to enter an area with up to 3 other players and included is a goal that, when completed, ends the session. A Task is a mini-goal within a Mission, one that doesn't end the mission and offers rewards. A Quest is a series of goals to complete, sometimes spanning multiple Missions.

Mission Types

There are many mission types, each with their own play style and goals.

These missions occur during the tutorial, but aren't encountered afterward:


  • Build a Radar Tower - Follow the holographic plans to build and activate a radar tower
  • Destroy the Anomaly Shards - Destroy the four anomaly shards and win 4 BluGlo
  • Encampment - Kill all enemies to clear the encampment and win 4 BluGlo
  • Siphon - Protect the siphon, while it collects BluGlo. 3 rounds can be absolved, during which Husks will attack in several waves to damage the siphon. Defend it and don't forget to collect the reward!
  • Whack-a-Troll - a mini game.
  • Drone Crash - Protect the crashed drone while it digs for crafting materials

Mission Alerts

Mission Alerts appear on the Map as Zones with little clocks on them. Missions in these zones have extra rewards including Pure Drop of Rain, Experience, Schematics, Crafting Ingredients, and rarely V-Bucks. Extra rewards can be claimed once per alert, up to three times per day. [2] Mission Alerts change every six hours.


Use the Quests tab in the Home Base UI to see the quests you have assigned or quests you've already completed.

  • Players automatically acquire Daily Quests (one per day) after completing the tutorial. Players earn V-Bucks when completing Daily Quests.
  • Players can now use the Quest Journal to discover the best missions and rewards for expanding their Home Base. [3]



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