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I am inevitable.
— In-Game Description

Thanos is a Marvel Series Outfit in Fortnite, that can be purchased in the Item Shop for V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite 1,500 V-Bucks. Thanos was first released in Chapter 2: Season 7 and is part of the The Mad Titan Set.

Thanos could also have been obtained for free by ranking high enough in the Thanos Cup on June 21st, 2021.

LEGO Fortnite - Hashflag - Fortnite LEGO Fortnite

Within LEGO Fortnite and other LEGO experiences, Thanos's appearance is changed to that of a LEGO® minifigure.

Icon Featured
Thanos - Outfit - LEGO Fortnite
Thanos (Featured) - Outfit - LEGO Fortnite

Prior to the release of this LEGO® Style in Update v28.10, equipping Thanos in LEGO Fortnite would instead equip a random default outfit's LEGO® style.

Item Shop Appearances[]

Thanos has appeared in 77 different Item Shops, on 72 different days.

Why are there shops labelled as 'parts'?
For varying reasons, Epic Games may decide to add or remove items from the Item Shop before the usual rotation occurs. The Fortnite Wiki treats each change to the Item Shop within a single day as a separate 'part' that makes up the day's Item Shop History.
Why are there two different numbers for Thanos's appearances?
Thanos has, on at least one occasion, appeared in more than one shop in a single day. This has resulted in its count for appearances in the Item Shop being higher than the amount of days it has appeared in it. Both counts are listed by the Fortnite Wiki in order to be as accurate as possible, unlike other sources.

News Tab[]

Image Description Date
Thanos Cup - Promo - Fortnite The Universe required correction.
Compete in the Thanos Cup for a chance to earn the Thanos Outfit and Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling inspired by Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame ahead of its release in the Item Shop!
More info: Thanos is Coming! Get Him First in the Thanos Cup
June 19th 2021
Thanos Cup - Promo - Fortnite They called him a mad man...
Drop in-game and compete in the Thanos Cup for a chance to earn the Thanos Outfit and Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling inspired by @Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame!
Check in-game for when it starts in your region.
June 22nd 2021
Thanos - Promo - Fortnite Dread it...Run from it...Destiny arrives all the same.
Snap up the Thanos Outfit and the Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling inspired by Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame, part of the Mad Titan Set, available now in the Shop!
June 27th 2021
Marvel Shop (C3S1) - Promo - Fortnite Save the universe in style!
Your favorite Marvel heroes have taken over the Item Shop for a limited time.
December 28th 2021

Image Description Date
Thanos Cup (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite Thanos Cup
Compete in the Thanos Cup today for an opportunity to win the Thanos Outfit and Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling before they arrive in the Item Shop!
June 22nd 2021
Thanos (News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite Thanos
The hardest choices require the strongest wills. The Titan arrives and stakes his claim.
June 27th 2021
Marvel Shop (C3S1 - News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite Marvel Item Shop
Save the universe in style with your favorite heroes!
December 28th 2021
Marvel Shop (C3S1 - News Tab) - Promo - Fortnite Marvel Favorites
Save the universe in style with your favorite heroes!
December 28th 2022


  • By using the Snap Emote with Thanos, the six Infinity Stones on his gauntlet gleam; in reference to the Snap incident from Avengers: Infinity War.


Promotional Images[]

Playable Character[]

The End is near.
— Thanos

Thanos is a playable character in the Infinity Gauntlet and Endgame Limited Time Modes.


In Inifinity Gauntlet LTM, the Infinity Gauntlet can drop at random spawn points. The first person to get it will become Thanos. If Thanos is killed, his gauntlet will be dropped and can be obtained by another player.

In Endgame, Chitauri can become Thanos if they collect any of the Infinity Stones.

Elimination Loot[]

Thanos dropped the following items when eliminated:

Name Icon
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet - Weapon - Fortnite
Space Stone
Space Stone - Item - Fortnite
Time Stone
Time Stone - Item - Fortnite
Soul Stone
Soul Stone - Item - Fortnite
Power Stone
Power Stone - Item - Fortnite
Reality Stone
Reality Stone - Item - Fortnite
Mind Stone
Mind Stone - Item - Fortnite


Infinity Gauntlet Abilities[]

  • Punch- A mighty punch that knocks enemies back and instantly destroys structures.
  • Ground-pound- Thanos flies towards the ground, hitting an area for knockback and damage.
  • Laser- Thanos harnesses the energy of the Power Stone to fire a blast that deals damage over time.
  • Jump- A super-jump that can vault Thanos incredibly high.
  • (Infinity Gauntlet) Thanos has both shields and health. When he eliminates another player, his shields regenerate. His health never regenerates.

Infinity Stone Abilities[]

  • Reality Stone- Health and Shields doubled (1000 > 2000)
  • Soul Stone- Grants shield upon kills
  • Mind Stone- Jump height and speed doubled
  • Space Stone- Ground Pound Area of Effect tripled, damage increased by x6
  • Time Stone- Large knockback added to each punch, damage increased by x3
  • Power Stone- Laser damage increased by x6


The End is near.
Destiny still arrives.

Playable Character Trivia[]

  • Thanos' codename is Jim.
    • Jim refers to American comics artist and writer Jim Starlin, who created the Marvel Comics character.

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