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The Aftermath (also known as Looted Lake) was a Landmark added in Chapter 2: Season 7, that represents the remains of where The Spire previously stood. It is the crater created when what appeared to be an Alien Mothership of sorts raised The Spire from the ground, and destroyed it in the Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 Story Trailer. In Update v18.21, it got taken over by the Cubes due to the Awakening Event to form The Convergence.


It was a crater in the center of the map with similar properties to that of below Zero Point from Chapter 2: Season 5, albeit more purple and overall having a darker theme to it, indicating a sort of corruption and/or alien influence in what the material is. The very center contained a pool of what can assumed to be water, that ran outward into a nearby river. Crystals and purple trees littered the nearby area, and similar to that of what was "The Spire's Influence" spreading an orange hue to parts around the map, The Aftermath left a purple stain upon the ground there and in other areas.


Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 2: Season 8


  • It is the 9th Variation of Eye Land.
  • Spire's rubble glows purple during night time.
  • A camera in the Imagined Order occupation located here has the symbol of Deadpool on it.
    • This was likely just Epic Games reusing an asset, but it could point to Deadpool still leaving his presence on the Island in a similar fashion with how his pants were left as a flag for several seasons after Chapter 2: Season 2.
  • Sharks often spawn in the pool of water.