The Blackout, or The Black Hole, is the aftermath of The End event in Season X. It created the shape of the new map, trying to act out as the Eye Land, which is the main part of the Chapter 2 storyline.


After the Meteor destroyed the rift zone around The Zero Point sphere, it caused the frozen Zero Point's explosion to unfreeze (due to The Scientist stopping the explosion in the beginning of Season X) and created a whirlpool which sucked everything into the Nexus. It then resulted in the Black Hole appearing in the screen. Throughout the duration of The Blackout, numbers appeared around the Black Hole which form a message when matched with the words in The Visitor's tapes. The numbers started repeating, 11, 146, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2, 150, 69, 146, 15, 36, 2, 176, 8, 160, 65, 176, 11, 146, 15, 62. When put into comparison by the number of words in all of the Visitor's recordings from the Season 10 Out of Time Challenges, it states "I was not alone, others are outside the loop, this was not calculated, The Nothing is now inevitable, Moment I was not alone". The Blackout ended when the Black Hole exploded and created an alternate dimension.


  • If you missed The End event in Season X before the launch of chapter 2, the lobby would explode and get sucked into the Black Hole the same way the Season X map did.
  • The black hole created the shape of the new map outside of it at some point, and it is convinced that the black hole slightly might be the universal version of the Eye Land.
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