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This is the epicenter of the Island, you guys. We're safe here.
The Scientist

The Bridge was the main HQ of The Imagined Order which was located in-between Apollo and Artemis, inside the Cavern and around The Zero Point.

It was first mentioned in the Visitor Tapes, but first appeared in Chapter 2: Season 2. It became fully accessible to the player via the Impostors Gamemode, in Chapter 2: Season 7. The Bridge was later destroyed during Collision.


The Bridge was owned and operated by the Imagined Order, which used the facility to manage and control the island and The Loop that its inhabitants find themselves in. Agent Jones was working there before the events of Chapter 2: Season 5.

Season X

It was first mentioned in the Visitor Tapes.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Janice - The Device - Fortnite.png

In Chapter 2: Season 2, The IO were in chaos after Midas' Device managed to destroy The Storm causing The Loop to break down. The Looper gets Rifted into Jones' Office as Jones walks through the hallway talking to Doctor Slone on his phone. He tells Janice to dial the Resonance Actuator to 7.2. reviving The Storm and set The Loop back to normal.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Zero Point Chamber (Panels On) - Cinematic - Fortnite.jpg

The Chapter 2: Season 5 cinematic brings us back to The Office right after The Devourer of Worlds, where we see IO Guards scrambling as the ground shakes and the walls crack. Jones picks up a phone call from Doctor Slone, and is ordered to enter the Loop, reseal the bridge, and prevent anyone inside the loop from escaping. Jones leaves his office and enters The Bridge room, where he sees that the Zero Point was ripped out from the area, leaving a large hole in the floor stretching to the island. Jones uses the machine in the room to locate the best hunters across all realities, which will aid him in preventing anyone from escaping the loop. A mechanical voice says 'Signatures triangulated and aligned' once Jones finishes locating the hunters. Jones presses a button on the machine which shoots a purple orb into the hole towards the Zero Point. Jones himself is sucked into the hole and crashes headfirst into the Zero Point.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Raider's Homeworld - Zero Point - Fortnite.png

As of Chapter 2: Season 6, The Bridge is abandoned and nearly destroyed, possibly by the Energy Pulme from The Spire. Batman and his team find a way to enter the facility by using the Hatches on the Island. They find 2 Golems protecting the entrance and IO Guards acting as the security. They eventually break into the The Bridge and powers the panels after discovering that entering the Zero Point directly would rip you apart between many realities. Using the panels to lock onto some of the characters’ universal signatures allowed them to send everyone back to their respective homeworld. Unbeknownst to Batman, IO was using him to regain access to The Zero Point.

Chapter 2: Season 7

In Chapter 2: Season 7, the player is finally able to access The Bridge via the Impostors gamemode, and can see that the Imagined Order control everything within the Loop. From loading chests with weapons, to producing Supply Drops and Supply Llamas.

Chapter 2: Season 8

Caretaker Above - The End - Fortnite.png

During The End Live Event, The Scientist allowed the loopers to go down one of the IO Hatches and enter The Bridge through a hidden entrance in the Science Lab. They reached the center, but a Caretaker was underwater that destroyed the glass ceiling of The Bridge, flooding it.

Chapter 3: Season 2

During Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War, The IO renovate it so they can build The Collider. Energy transmitter can be seen throughout the hallway. During Collision, The Collider was destroyed along with the central part of the Bridge.




The Collider

A giant Doomsday Device that replaced The Bridge.

The Bridge

The room where the IO used the Zero Point as a bridge to other realities. They uses the cube panels to vibrate into the Zero Point and turn it into Pure Portals.


The office used to monitor Loopers in the Loop and study them.

Science Lab

A research lab with artifacts from other Realities.

Weapons Lab

A weapon testing area with The Vault nearby.

Loop Control

The Loop control room. It was made to resemble the Island's containment sphere. It uses half-purple and half-blue cube panels to vibrate into island's sphere, giving The Storm an amount of energy.

Battle Bus Repair

Battle Bus maintenance room.

Sleeping Quarters

A sleeping quarters with a lot of Agent Jones' personal stuff.

Supply Drop Factory

The factory where Chests, Llama and Ammo boxes originated from.

Food Court

A cafeteria with Durrr Burger, Pizza Pit and Tacos food stands.

Storm Monitoring

A room with multiple monitors that show many Storm circles

Island Control

A room with a hologram of Apollo for research.


Crime Scene Investigation room with The Seven being the main focus.


The Bridge's electric source.


Used to monitor locations on Apollo.

Elevator Hallway

A hallway with two elevators that lead to the surface or other floors.

Burning Room

A mysterious rooms with only flames visible.

Science Lab Hatch Hallway

A hallway connected to a Hatch on the surface.


Rooms seen briefly in cinematics or comics; or lacks any notable featured


Storm Monitoring


Sleeping Quarters


Food Court


  • John Wick was used as a template for the workers seen in the background of the Device event.
  • Agent Jones and Doctor Slone were the only people with their own room in the Office.
  • The Bridge seems to have multiple floors, as they are two elevators in a hallway and there are rooms that are not available in Impostors but appear in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.
  • In Security, on the monitors, you could have seen POI's on Apollo such as Brutus' Basin, Hilltop House, Dirty Docks, and the Lazy Lake Car Dealership.
  • Despite being destroyed in Chapter 2 End Event, the Impostors LTM updated the Storm Monitoring to show the Artemis Island on the screens.
  • There has been a lot of inconsistencies about The Bridge throughout Chapter 2.