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The Convergence was a named location in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was added in Update v18.21. It is a mysterious structure created by the convergence of The Golden Cube and Corruption Cubes at The Aftermath. The Cube Queen is floating over inside an indestructible sphere.


The Convergence is a location in the middle of the Island consisting of a large purple structure made out of The Cube with a corrupted biome surrounding it. In the center of the structure is The Golden Cube. There are Cubes that retain their form, players can stand on their top and they are launched into the air. Below the structure is a pool of water from The Aftermath that has turned purple and became bouncy as a result from The Cube, similar to Loot Lake at the end of Season 5.


Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.21: Added The Convergence.
  • Update v18.30:
    • October 28th: The Convergence reaches its second stage.
    • November 6th: The Convergence reaches its third stage.
      • The Cube Queen rises higher.
      • Occasionally, Lightning will spark from the Cube Structures.
  • Update v18.40: The Convergence has been slightly updated to become The Pyramid.


  • If a players looks at The Cube Queen, she will start laughing.
  • The Convergence is layered on top of The Aftermath, but The Aftermath's crater is less deep due to the Golden Cube reshaping it.
  • The Convergence is the second named location to be added after the start of the season and removed in the same season, the other was Tilted Town.


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