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Defend the Island to save all Reality!
— In-Game Description

The Devourer of Worlds was the end of Season Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale for Chapter 2: Season 4. It featured Galactus, Tony Stark, Wolverine, Thor and other characters. The Playlist went live at 3:35 PM EST and the event started at 4:10. The event ended ten minutes later at 4:20 PM.

Event Summary

Before the Live Event started, every player that attended it was on Helicarrier 64, which had moved from its previous spot as the Spawn Island to above the Apollo Island near Dirty Docks. The Live Event began with music similar to Herald's Warning, which may have been unique to the Live Event, that started playing when the Live Event’s timer reached 2 minutes left.

Shortly after the Live Event’s timer hit zero, Galactus began to come closer to the Apollo Island and grew in size. Galactus then hit Helicarrier 64 with his fist and knocked all the players off it, luckily, Iron Man gave the falling players a Stark Industries Jetpack. Galactus then reached for The Zero Point (located under The Ruins), he then proceeds to extract the Zero Point from deep underneath the middle island. Due to the Zero Point attempting to fight back Galactus, almost everything was sucked into it like in The End. Instead of another Black Hole appearing on players’ screens, they were sent into The In-Between and were inside multiple Upgraded Battle Buses in front of Galactus.

Iron Man explained to the players that he had created upgraded Battle Bus clones with cannons and Gamma Cells to use them as bombs. He then directed the players to shoot Gorgers and Gatherers coming from behind of Galactus with their Battle Bus’ cannons, and to head towards Galactus so he could consume as many Battle Buses as possible. If all went to plan, Galactus would be sent back to where he came from. Throughout time, players got closer to Galactus and started to drive along his right arm with the help of Thor and Wolverine. Finally, players left their Battle Buses and watched as Galactus consumed the Battle Buses while having Gamma energy coming out of him, and was then sent back to where he came from with a Rift.

Players’ screens then cut to the office seen in The Device with Agent John Jones laying on the floor waking up from what seemed to be a nightmare. The Chapter 2: Season 5 countdown appeared after players’ screens faded and the screen was replaced with the To Be Continued!.



  • Iron Man mentions hacking our "time loop thingy" to create the billions of Battle Buses. This is referring to The Loop.
  • In the live event, you could see Astroworld from the live event Astronomical.
  • In the climax of the event, She-Hulk, Groot, and Storm were seen as Galactus was consuming the Battle Buses, although they did not have any dialogue.
  • If you eliminated over 100 Gorgers during the event, the monitor behind the bus's driver's seat will display "Tony Royale".
  • The Rift Galactus goes through looks similar to a butterfly.
  • It is the 1st Live Event to use the new graphics on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.
  • The Devourer of Worlds is the 2nd second out of 4 events to feature voice actors, the first being The Device, the third being Zero Crisis Finale, the fourth being Operation Sky fire, and the fifth being The End (Chapter 2)
  • This is the second out of 4 events that locked players out of the main game, the first being The End, the third being Operation: Sky Fire, and the fourth being The End (Chapter 2)