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Locked, loaded, and ready for the final showdown!
— In-Game Description

The End was a Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was the concluding Live Event for Chapter 2: Season 8 and Chapter 2 in its entirety.


Over Fortnitemares, The Convergence formed with The Cube Queen in an Ice King-like state, trapped in a sphere. On November 16, 2021, The Convergence became The Pyramid.

The corruption biome covered most of the map, completely engulfing Corny Crops, Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods.

On November 24, 2021, the Live Event Countdown appeared and an XP Bonus was granted to help those finish the Chapter 2 - Season 8 Battle Pass, regardless of their level.

Event Summary

25 minutes before the Live Event, the Rebooted Cube formed a shield around the Guava Fort. 10 minutes before the event, waves of Cube Monsters, mainly a unique smaller Brute variant, began swarming the Guava Fort. During this time, the players were given a Legendary Assault Rifle and a Legendary Revolver, as well as access to the Turret Station to fight them off.

Once the countdown concluded, The Cube Queen fired a beam of corrupted energy into the sky, opening a massive rift to the Last Reality which revealed hundreds of golden Motherships, along with a massive Death Star-like ship that sent waves of Saucers along with Abductors to attack players and the Rebooted Cube's shield. The shield is eventually destroyed by the onslaught of shots from the waves of Saucers. The Cube Queen then summoned a Cube Barricade that surrounded The Guava Fort which then opened and spawned in many Caretakers while Sideways Bubbles started to appear all over the Island. Abductors were seen destroying several POIs in the background, while the Caretakers were attempting to destroy the Rebooted Cube which successfully fought back. An Abductor then flew over the Rebooted Cube and zapped it with a beam while the Loopers, who had their weapons taken away prior, were forced to observe its destruction and watch their comrades finished off one by one by the Red Saucers that had disarmed them. Afterwards, the screen cuts down underground, to The Bridge.

This leads to a cutscene inside the Imagined Order's base, where it is revealed that Agent Jones has been captured by Doctor Slone, who plans to execute him for treason. Before she can do that, The Foundation arrives, killing several IO Guards. Slone was surprised by this, thinking he had died in the Zero Crisis Finale event during the formation of The Spire. The Foundation then removes his mask, revealing him to be played by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself. Slone then proceeds to pull out a Legendary Pistol and fires at The Foundation, resulting in him locking Slone inside the room by punching the door lock.

Jones and The Foundation then head into The Bridge. They successfully reverse the gyroscopic orientation of the Island, while Jones and The Foundation fights off IO Guards. While flying over the Island, The Scientist and The Visitor spot the surviving Loopers and bring them to safety inside the hidden bunker near Guava Fort. The Visitor flies off while The Scientist follows the Loopers into the bunker, after blowing up the entrance to prevent The Last Reality from following through.

The Scientist then leads the Loopers through the IO's base as the Island begins to vertically rotate and The Bridge starts to collapse. The Loopers are led to the epicenter of the Island, where they remain until a massive Caretaker smashes the skylight, causing Loopers to emerge in the ocean, far from the Island.

Once the Island reaches a 90-degree tilt, the Cube Queen submerges underwater thus closing the rift to the Last Reality. The remaining Abductors are destroyed by the Island's descent. The impact of Artemis causes a megatsunami, which hits the player, leading into the Unplaybable Period informally known as Float To Artemis, The screen shows the player's equipped Outfit floating unconscious on a small tree log. The player slowly reaches the flipped Island until the Unplayable Period ends for Chapter 3: Season 1.



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Rebooted Cube's Shield
Rebooted Cube's End
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The Flip