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The Fortilla was a location in the Chapter 2: Season 3 map that was located to the left of Rickety Rig. Players would have been aware when landing here, because many other players would also want to land there for Ocean's Mythic items. This was one of the most dangerous places to land on the map due to the fact that there are Henchmen and a boss. Henchmen would have start shooting at you when they saw you, so it was best to wear a disguise when you landed here.

At the start of Chapter 2: Season 4, with the mysterious disappearance of A.L.T.E.R and the abandonment of The Authority, The Fortilla headquarters were dismantled, the fishstick restaurant also disappeared as Craggy Cliffs was no longer flooded and the Mall because it was no longer useful (E.G.O are no longer fugitives wanted by A.L.T.E.R, they can now go wherever they want on the island).

However, despite the disappearance of the Henchmen and Ocean, The Fortilla is not abandoned, the houses remained and the equipment inside as well, it is undoubtedly a secondary base of E.G.O.

At the Start of Chapter 2: Season 5, The Fortilla mysteriously vanished indefinitely, however, no treace of E.G.O. was since discovered.


The Fortilla appeared to be a base of operations for E.G.O. and has many shops and places for their members. The Fortilla was extremly large, with Henchmen guarding the POI.


Since the fall of E.G.O and the invasion of A.L.T.E.R., the remains of E.G.O. have created The Fortilla to serve as The Agency.

It’s seemingly created from the scraps and leftovers from the Flood, as it’s built on a junkyard-paradise mixtured biome.


  • The boss at The Fortilla was Ocean, who, when slain, dropped her Burst Assault Rifle and Bottomless Chug Jug.
  • The Fortilla is likely the safest of the three spy bases in Chapter 2: Season 3, as it is very large compared to the other two, which means that Henchmen are spread out and you’ll only have to deal with a couple at a time when gathering loot.
  • The Fortilla was a risky location to land at, due to the large amount of GHOST Henchmen and Loot Sharks.
  • The Fortilla Vault contained more loot than the Catty Corner and Authority Vault.
  • The Fortilla and The Ruins are officially the first non-Henchmen POIs to have a compound name not starting the same letter (When The Rig lost the hechmen it was renamed Rickety Rig, The Shark -> Sharky Shell and The Grotto -> Brutus' Basin), were also the first POIs not to have a respawn van. Being the opposite of The Yacht in Chapter 2 Season 3 which was the first landmark to have a respawn van.