All hail the ruler of ice and snow.
— In-game description

The Ice King is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be obtained at Tier 100 of the Season 7 Battle Pass. He is part of the Ice Kingdom Set.

Selectable Styles


The Ice King is one of five elemental kings, judging by the five thrones in his castle, of which only two kings have been revealed. His kingdom is the Winter Kingdom. This is known as he mentions it in a STW voice line.

His weapons of choice seem to be the Ice Scepter and the Infinity Blade. He rules with his wife, known as the Ice Queen. According to another STW line, he has or had a jester, who is called simply the Ice Jester.

At some point during his rule, the Fire King, known as the Prisoner, did something that displeased the Ice King. This action is not specified, but it may have something to do with the Fire King releasing The Devourer, wreaking havoc in the Winter Kingdom. 

So, the Ice King locked the Prisoner in a dungeon under his castle on Polar Peak, and the Devourer was also imprisoned within the ice below it. He then used his magic to freeze the entire castle, putting him, the Devourer, and the Prisoner into a slumber for many years.

In Season 7, the castle collides with the Battle Royale island, and the ice begins to thaw. The Ice King notices he is awake, and that this was not meant to happen. He was supposed to keep the kingdom frozen forever. To prevent the Prisoner and the Devourer, from escaping, he grabs a shard of the Cube and manipulates it with his ice magic. As a result, he summons a great storm of ice, which also summoned the Ice Fiends, his own version of The Cube's cube monsters.

The storm eventually deteriorated and the Ice Legion retreated. Meanwhile, The Prisoner had escaped and created his own enormous Volcano. The Ice King befriended the Trog, however, lost his dragon eggs. After an unseen battle between the two sides, The Prisoner had struck, launching three volcanic rocks at three locations including: 

Years later, the Devourer was awoken, likely because of the meteor hitting The bottom of Polar Peak. The castle was carried on the monster's back and was destroyed in The Final Showdown. The fate of the two kings are unknown.


  • The Ice King has three colorations: Red, White, and Gold.
  • It's similar to the Lich King from Warcraft.


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