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We now stand at the brink of war, with an enemy we do not understand.
Doctor Slone in the Chapter 2: Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer

The Last Reality is a faction first introduced in Season 6, but first named in Chapter 2: Season 7. It's a faction led by The Cube Queen divided into two sub faction: The Kymera & The Cube Legion. They invaded the island during Chapter 2: Season 7, and destroyed The Spire upon arrival.

During Operation: Sky Fire, the Imagined Order defeated The Last Reality by destroying The Mothership. However, they were unaware of the thousands of cubes, and they all crashed onto the island along with the mothership, thus continuing the aliens' legacy for seasons to come.


A Cube (Kevin) from the Cube Legion appears during Season 5 and tries to invade the island during Season 6 with an army of monsters, but he was destroyed by the Loopers. According to Slone, Kevin nearly destroyed the island. The Kymera, from The Last Reality are an alien race who first began abducting players towards the very end of Chapter 2: Season 6, as a result of the actions of Raz. During the next season, and the trailer for said season, they invaded the island with The Mothership (powered by the Cube Legion), and ripped the spire out of the ground in their attempt to take the Zero Point and its energy. However, things did not go as planned, and the Zero Point was pushed back into The Bridge, unleashing a shockwave and reality wave that removed the autumn trees, shredded The Spire, and formed The Aftermath. These events also forced The Foundation to be rifted from the Zero Point, and thrown to Reality NF-1935, Batman Zero's World.

After failing to obtain The Zero Point, The Last Reality began to invade the island by deploying Saucers and Trespassers, as the Imagined Order studied their activities intently. Later, they deployed Abductors to experiment on loopers. Eventually, The Mothership began abducting entire locations with its tractor beam, abducting Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle, and Corny Complex, likely to further understand the island's inhabitants. The Last Reality used the Rift Tour event to scan the Loopers’ brains for their memories. thus gaining them a deeper understanding of the island’s history and the Zero Point.

It was revealed in Week 12 that they're using the Cube's power in their technology.

The Imagined Order discovered that The Last Reality loves cat food, gathering up supplies for consumption at Holly Hatchery. In the last week of Season 7, the Imagined Order stockpiled cat food at Corny Complex, tricking the mothership into abducting the location, which contains the IO's hidden laboratory and the bombs being developed there. The bombs played a pivotal role in the Operation: Sky Fire live event, which took place on Sunday 12th September at 4PM ET.

During Operation: Sky Fire, The Imagined Order's counterattack began. Corny Complex was abducted into the mothership, with the bombs not armed during the abduction to allow them to remain undetected by The Last Reality. Inside, loopers commanded by Doctor Slone arm the bombs, but are betrayed and doomed to die by Slone after she seals them in a room containing a fully-functional Cube. Despite Slone deactivating the cube before the bombs are armed, the loopers manage to reboot it after her betrayal, turning it blue. The room containing the cube rises into a gigantic chamber storing thousands of cubes, all created by The Last Reality. After the bomb timer reaches zero, the entire Mothership explodes, and debris and cubes rain down onto the map, causing devastation.

Locations, Members and Technology

Known Locations

Name Image Description
The Mothership
The Mothership (Promo) - Object - Fortnite.png
The Mothership (Crashed) - Object - Fortnite.png
The Mothership is the base of operations for The Last Reality powered by the Cube. Loopers are often abducted into the ship as part of routine experiments. Abductors have appeared at various Named Locations.
Unknown Giant Saucer
Mothership - C2S7 Cinematic - Fortnite.jpg
A Giant Saucer underground that was discovered by Envoy and Contract Giller.
Invaded Locations
Invaded Locations - Feature - Fortnite.png
The Last Reality often invades Named Locations, by having several Saucers hover overhead, piloted by Trespassers.
Abductors - Mechanic - Fortnite.png
The Last Reality also deploys Abductors, which will send loopers into the mothership for experimentation.
Holly Hatchery
Holly Hatchery (July 15th) - Location - Fortnite.png
Holly Hatchery, previously known as Holly Hedges was taken over by The Last Reality in order to terraform it to a similar state as their home world. This was achieved with numerous Alien Parasites, and low gravity fields.
The Aftermath
The Aftermath (17.21) - Landmark - Fortnite.jpg
The Aftermath is the result of the destruction of The Spire, by the Last Reality. It was also home to the Party UFO, an Abductor that did not function like the others but instead had pads with various effects. Alien Devices can be found here.
Extra-Terrestrial Estate
Extra-Terrestrial Estate - Landmark - Fortnite.jpg
After Operation: Sky Fire and the end of Chapter 2: Season 7, the only remaining Alien Biome on the Island, encompassing one of the derelict homes of Pristine Point. It appears that an alien actively lives there, as alien equipment/furniture and a pallet of Meowscle's Morsels cat food is present inside the home.

Current Members

Name Image Description
Kymera (Horned Underbite) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A member of The Last Reality who resides at Coral Castle. He appears to have brought several items with him to assist in the invasion.
Choppy - Pet - Fortnite.png
A pint-sized alien who controls Zyg, they wander around and plant Alien Parasite eggs.
Zyg - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A battle droid controlled by Choppy, they wander around and plant Alien Parasite eggs.
Human Bill
Human Bill - NPC - Fortnite.png
Son of the alien that invented the Mothership and Saucers, he came to the island to try out all of his father's inventions. Potentially a target of mind-wiping by IO.
Joey (Alien) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A member of The Last Reality with a human disguise that infiltrated IO's ranks. Secretly fond of humans, and becomes a triple-agent during Chapter 2: Season 7 story quests.
Kymera - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Members of The Last Reality who serve as foot soldiers for the organization.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande (Rift Goddess Ariana) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A famous singer that took part in the Rift Tour Event prepared by The Last Reality.
Trespasser - AI - Fortnite.png
Trespassers often Pilot Saucers, but are also deployed to patrol invaded locations, and disguise as other characters.
Trespasser Elite
Trespasser Elite - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Stronger Trespassers with Cube-powered armor.
Bloom - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A living Pluxarian plant Assassin.
Zoot - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
A tiny alien hanging from a branch of Bloom's body.
Alien Parasites
Alien Parasites - Animal - Fortnite.png
Alien Wildlife that latch onto the head of other creatures.

Cube Legion Members

Name Image Description
The Cube Queen
The Cube Queen - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Leader of The Last Reality.
Storm King
Storm King - Boss - Fortnite.png
A "form" of a Corrupted Cube and the leader of The Storm and Husks in Fortnite: Save the World.
Cube Assassin
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png
A assassin that leads the Cube Monsters into battle against Apollo Residents.
Geometrik - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A human manifestation of The Cube that has the Floating Island on his backs.

Cube Legion Monsters

Name Image Description
Apparition Grunt - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Fiends that are created by Monster Spawners.
Ranged Fiend
Ranged Fiend (C2S8) - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Stronger Fiends that are created by Monster Spawners.
Ranged Fiend
Elite Fiend - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Fiends with long range attacks that are created by Monster Spawners.
Poison Fiend
Poison Fiend (C2S8) - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Fiends with poision effect when eliminated that are created by Monster Spawners.
Apparition Heavy - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Brutes that are created by Monster Spawners.
Elite Brute
Elite Brute (C2S8) - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Stronger brutes that are created by Monster Spawners.
Exploding Brute Brutes that explode when eliminated that are created by Monster Spawners.
Mega Brute
Apparition Heavy Gold - Icon - Fortnite.png
Strongest Brutes that are created by Monster Spawners.
Cube Fiend
Cube Fiend - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Monsters that are summoned by The Cube.
Elite Cube Fiend
Elite Cube Fiend - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Stronger Cube Fiends that are summoned by The Cube.
Poison Fiend
Poison Fiend - Creatures - Fortnite.png
A poisonous Cube Fiend that creates a Poison effect when eliminated.
Cube Brute
Cube Brute - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Big Cube Fiends that are summoned by The Cube.
Elite Cube Brute
Elite Cube Brute - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Stronger Cube Brutes that are summoned by The Cube.
Mega Cube Brute
Mega Cube Brute - Creatures - Fortnite.png
Golden Cube Brutes that are way harder to eliminate that are summoned by The Cube.


Name Image Description
Sunny - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A human that wants to escape the Earth and join Aliens. She believes the aliens are friends rather than enemies.
Zorgoton - Outfit - Fortnite.png
An alien who has been on the island for years now. Seen cheering when the Spire was destroyed.
Maven (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A human that attempted to sabotage the Imagined Order's plan of Operation: Sky Fire, to help The Last Reality.


Name Image Description
Driftwalker - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Experimented on and corrupted by The Last Reality with what seems to be The Sideways corruption.

Name Image Description
Alien Device
An orb with The Cube runes used in alien technology. Also used by Imagined Order to disguise their Countermeasure Device.
Kymera Ray Gun
A infinite ammo beam weapon carried by Trespassers, and Zyg and Choppy.
Alien Knockgun Launcher
A weapon used to knock people backwards, away from its attack.
A weapon which can grab and throw objects.
Allows the player to transform into a prop of their choice.
Alien Nanites
Alien Nanites - Item - Fortnite.png
A material used to craft existing weapons into Alien Technology.
Alien Jetpack
Devices used in The Mothership Tests that flies the user upwards, it can also be done twice in a row.
Cosmic Chest
A high-tier loot chest.
Flying Space Ship which can abduct objects and people, fire a damaging laser cannon, and repair itself when damaged.
Alien Launch Pad
Alien Launch Pad (Top) - Item - Fortnite.jpg
Launches the player, grants a low-gravity effect.
Hologram Pads
Blue Abductor (Rift Device 1) - Object - Fortnite.png
Apply various movement effects to the player.
Alien Artifacts
Capsules of Alien Artifacts scattered across the island.
Cube Productions
The Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
Cubes powered by the darkness. One of them was sent to Athena in Season 6.


Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Update v16.50: Foreshadowing Quests hint to the arrival of aliens on the Island.
    • Some locations will cause the player to be randomly abducted, displacing them temporarily and giving them Shield.

Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Update v17.00 (Week 1): The Mothership is first shown hovering above the island, accompanied by several saucers.
    • The Spire has been destroyed and replaced by The Aftermath. As such, the Zero Point is missing. Pieces of the Spire are thrown across the map.
    • All Autumnal areas have reverted back to their regular green colors.
  • Update v17.00 (Week 2): Alien Parasites now roam the island, and spawn in dormant pods.
  • Update v17.10 (Week 3): The Mothership deploys its Abductors across random POIs. These abductors abduct players for experiments.
  • Update v17.20 (Week 5): Holly Hedges is turned into Holly Hatchery with Trespassers and Alien Parasites living there.
  • Update v17.20 (Week 7): A Blue Abductor appears at The Aftermath.
  • Update v17.30 (Week 9): Slurpy Swamp is being abducted in Chunks by The Mothership and is slowly floating up.
    • The Last Reality hosts the Rift Tour so they could scan memories of the loopers, to learn about The Zero Point while taking them through multiple realities around the Metaverse.
  • Content Update v17.30 (Week 10): Slurpy Swamp has finished being abducted, and most of the POI resides inside The Mothership's Experiment chamber.
  • Update v17.40 (Week 11): Coral Castle becomes the second victim to The Mothership and begins getting chunks abducted.
    • August 24th, 2021 (Week 12): Coral Castle has finished being abducted, and most of the POI resides inside The Mothership's Experiment chamber; the parts of Slurpy Swamp that resided inside the Experiment chamber are no longer there.
  • Update v17.50 (Week 14): The mothership begins to abduct Corny Complex.

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.00 (Week 1): The aftermath of Operation: Sky Fire is visible in the new season's map. The wreckage of The Mothership is visible on the horizon, and debris from destroyed Abductors litter the Island.



  • The name "Kymera" is derived from "Chimera", a term used in genetics.
  • The name 'The Last Reality' was confirmed to be the name of the Alien Race by Donald Mustard, the creative director of Fortnite on Twitter.