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According to this, I'm stuck in a time loop. everything alive resets after 22 minutes. as does my memory.

The Loop is a lore-specific concept within Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is the idea that every match of Battle Royale that takes place, alongside the island and everyone fighting inside are trapped inside a time loop, which resets every 22 minutes.

People in the Loop are called "Loopers."

The Loop

Catwoman getting a Victory Royale

Fighting is a distraction. Best avoided.
— Batman

The Loop is an endless time loop of Battle Royale, created by the Imagined Order. Every 22 minutes, The Storm slowly closes in on the island, resetting the loop when the last person survives. This last survivor escapes the loop. Upon entrance of the Loop, inhabitants are mute and the loop begins to deteriorate memory. Despite this, the loop does not reset the environment of the island, nor does it reset any deeper thoughts of feelings or emotions. Loopers can still communicate via non-verbal means, such as how Batman communicates with Snake Eyes, enabling Batman to escape the loop. All other combatants must be eliminated to escape the loop.

The Loop itself is similar to a computer program running on the Zero Point energy. During The Device event, It can be seen glitching and bugging with pixel effects, and during The Devourer of Worlds event, Tony Stark describes to the looper, that he 'hacked' the Loop'

Loop Effects

Once you're here, you're not you. You're like a snapshot of who you were.
Bunker Jonesy
  • Memory Manipulation
    • The Loop deteriorates your memory, especially your sense of identity.[1]
  • Complete Mute
    • The Loop removes the ability to speak. Non-Verbal communication is still possible
  • Restrict Metahuman Abilities
    • Your special abilities is restricted.[2]
    • Your body will be vulnerable to bullets[3]
  • Creation of Snapshots
    • Merely existing in the Loop creates a Snapshot, an exact moment of a Looper once trapped inside the loop. The Snapshot is a clone of the original, forces to fight forever in the Loop.

Outside of the Loop

Outside of The Loop, or the Extra Loop, is the location a Looper ends up after surviving the Battle Royale. The Storm does not exist here and previous loopers lose all memories. Only memories from The Loop are retained.

Extra-Loop Effects

  • No Language Barrier
    • Everyone will speak the same language and can understand each other.[1]

The Storm

The Storm - Gameplay - Fortnite.png

Defy the Storm

The force that maintains the loop is the storm, a sentient entity powered by The Zero Point and externally controlled by the Imagined Order. Without it the Loop cannot reset.[4]

Breaking the Storm

Due to a poor understanding of the connection between the Storm and the Loop, Midas attempted to push back the Storm using the Device which temporarily broke the Loop (this will allow the first meeting between The Looper and Agent Jones) and resulted in The Wall of Water.

Imagined Order

Loop Control Room

The IO study and control the Loop. They use it to clone countless Chests, Ammo boxes, Supply Llama and IO Guards. They also kidnap people from countless realities and put them in the Loop. The Seven is currently trying to destroy the Loop.

In The Bridge, IO Loop Control room is a spherical monitor room with a massive computer pillar in the middle with multiple Cube panels making vibrations to align the Zero Point energy within the room.

Loop Immunity

To prevent the effects from the Loop. Materials that can be used to shape new reality like The Zero Point are required to make loop shield devices. A sealed environment suit can also stop the Loop effects. Swimming deep underwater also works.

Sealed Environment

The Scientist (Old Featured) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

A sealed environment keeps The Loop's effects away[2], but doesn't allow the user to escape The Loop, as they still need to escape The Loop through the Eye of The Storm. If the suit gets damaged, all of it's effects wear off and The Loop resets the memory. Known users of this method are the members of The Seven, IO Guards and Lex Luthor.

IO Technology

Deathstroke's IO Device - Zero Point - Fortnite.png

The Imagined Order developed many forms of technology that allows them to enter The Loop with no memory loss. The most known one is a Portal Device, which was commonly carried by Agent Jones. If a Portal Device gets destroyed or overloaded, the user gets stuck in The Loop. A small device was also given to Deathstroke which created a small force shield around him, making the same effect as a Portal Device.

World Forge Visor

The Batman Who Laughs - Outfit - Fortnite.png

The Batman Who Laughs' visor made from World Forge, a type of material similar to the Zero Point. It can keep his memory intact, but doesn't affect mute.


Before Chapter 1

According to Bunker Jonesy, The Imagined Order started various experiments with The Zero Point, One of the experiments was to send Agent Jones into the Zero Point to see what will happens. He discovers The Loop and his first Snapshot: Jonesy The First.

Season 4

In Season 4, The Visitor, a member of the mysterious Seven makes his way onto the Island via a meteor crash, and nearing the end of the season attempts to escape it using a rocket, in the Blast Off event. However, during this attempt, the rocket creates several rifts in the sky, causing a sideways rift between reality, a Sideways Rift. One of the results of this is a person from the real world, named Drift, being inducted into the loop.

Season X

After the events of The Final Showdown event, the Zero Point is left exposed, and creates another bridge between realities. This time however, it brings another member of The Seven, named The Scientist. The Scientist escapes from the meteor like last time, and whilst working on another rocket, starts to record tapes to try and retain his fading memory and maintain the rocket progress. These tapes detail the Loop for the first time explicitly. The Scientist succeeds, and launches a rocket alongside several unknown members of the Seven, into the zero point. As a result, the zero point expands and begins to absorb the entire island, during The End event.

Chapter 2: Season 1

After the result of the End event, a new island is created, and the loop appears to be as intact as the Pre-Season.

Chapter 2: Season 2

The Device Activated - The Device - Fortnite.png

In this season, Midas first appears on the island and begins to build a device which harnesses the power of the Zero Point to push back the storm. This is unsuccessful, and instead a Wall of Water is created, flooding the entire island. The Storm being connected to the Loop was first revealed here, and this one was temporarily broken. As a result of this, The player is continuously transported to a mysterious office, and a familiar face interacts with the player, showing surprise that they can understand him as they came from outside the loop. John Jones is the man present, and he is the first person aside from the Scientist to be audible.

Jones tells Janice to dial the Resonance Actuator in the Loop Control room to 7.2. causing the Loop to restart and send the player back into the Loop.

Chapter 2: Season 3

Nexus War: Thor

In Chapter 2: Season 3, Thor is transported to the island to warn the members of Galactus' arrival, but begins to lose his memories and voice. Due to this, he quickly brings other Marvel characters to island, and in particular, Tony Stark. Eventually.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Others that Thor has brought begin to lose their memories, such as Doctor Doom who quickly returns to a life of ruling, and Wolverine, who begins to stalk the woods for unsuspecting victims. However, Tony Stark manages to retain his memories using his Iron Man suit. Throughout the season, he works on a way to stop Galactus from absorbing the Zero Point. During the The Devourer of Worlds event, with the players help, Tony Stark manages to send Galactus far away from the Island, this however leaves the Zero Point exposed. During the event, Tony Stark mentions having 'hacked' the loop and made a few billion clones of Battle Bus, aiding to his ability to communicate with the player, as with other members of Thor's crew.

Chapter 2: Season 5

John Jones is tasked by Doctor Slone to stabilize The Zero Point, and make sure nobody escapes Thr Loop, but fails to hear the warning to not alert The Seven. Despite this he goes back into the Loop to recruit various hunters from different Realities to help him make sure nobody escapes. Bunker Jonesy is confirmed to have been once based on the original Jonesy, having gone into a bunker in Season 9. you could find him at Camp Cod or Shipwreck Cove, and he'll say to the player that there is a way out of the loop. In Update v15.40, Bunker Jonesy said that he warned us about the Zero Point. In Update v16.20, which came with the new Spire Quests, we learn that, like all the other Jonesy snapshots, he ended up losing his memory, but it was by being locked up in the Bunker for "decades, if not centuries" that he finally regained his memory and that he understood that once in the loop, we are only a snapshot of the person that we are and therefore that he is not "the real" Jonesy.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Zero Point Trapping scene 1 - Fortnite.png

In the Zero Crisis Finale, Agent Jones disregards Doctor Slone's orders to escape and to not collaborate with The Seven to reseal the now vulnerable Zero Point. With the help of The Foundation, he is able to reseal the Zero Point (if only temporarily), but as a consequence is now inside of The Loop himself.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Batman entered the loop through a huge rift in the sky. He figures out how the loop works by creating a shack and filling it with items from the each loop, and they always stay there meaning with the loop, locations with changes don't get looped and destroyed or back to how it was. He also finds out how to escape the loop, he later escapes and find out there's an extra layer of the Loop.

At the end of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 2, Catwoman escaped from the Loop thanks to the help of Batman, it would apparently require being in the center of the Storm and killing the last survivor by himself (the last survivor must not die of the Storm).

In Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 3, Batman successfully escapes the Loop and enters the Extra-Loop with the help of Snake Eyes but is confronted by Deathstroke who is holding Catwoman hostage.

In Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 6, Batman and Catwoman successfully escapes the island and regain all of their memories.

Chapter 2: Season 7

The Bridge Loop Control room was revealed in Impostors mode. A spherical room with large computers. It utilizes The Cube monolith panels which are used to control The Loop.

Chapter 2: Season 8

A certain cosmic metal from World Forge made The Batman Who Laughs immune to the Loop's memory resets, He goes on killing spree in it.

Chapter 3: Season 1

The Island has now flipped putting Artemis Island in the Loop but this time the Seven is controlling the Island.



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