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We've all been through alot for the last few years, and there's much more you don't even remember.
The Foundation

The Looper is the player character and pseudo-protagonist in Fortnite: Battle Royale who is tasked by various operatives to complete missions. "The Looper" nickname is given by The Foundation in the Zero Crisis Finale.

Note: A Looper refers to anyone who is caught inside The Loop, the character that the player embodies having never had their name revealed, they are nicknamed by various nicknames by the characters of the island, the most used being "Looper".


During Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, The Looper had no set appearance, however during Zero Crisis Finale event and several quests, they took on different appearances. It's finally Chapter 3: Season 2 that their real male and female appearances are revealed for the Collision event where The Looper are commissioned by The Seven to pilot Mecha Strike Commander.

Known Appearance Icon Timeline
Raz (Glyph Master) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Reality Wave 1
Cluck - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Reality Wave 2
Lara Croft
Lara Croft (25th Anniversary) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Reality Wave 3
Spire Assassin
Spire Assassin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Disguise given by Raz to infiltrate The Spire
Stealth Reflex
Stealth Reflex - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Disguise during Resistance Quests if the player is wearing a male outfit.
Riley - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Disguise during Resistance Quests if the player is wearing a female outfit.
Mecha Strike Navigator
Mecha Strike Navigator (Mecha Strike Sentry) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Male appearence wearing The Seven's pilot suits.
Mecha Strike Defender
Mecha Strike Defender (Mecha Strike Aviator) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Female appearence wearing The Seven's pilot suits.



  • The Looper has existed since the beginning of the game's life cycle, but does not properly get involved with forces outside of The Loop until much later.

Season 8

Drum Gun Shattering - The Unvaulting - Fortnite.png
  • The Looper helped push The Vaults rune keys so it could open The Vault and send the islanders into The In-Between to vote on what weapon to bring back to the island. The weapon that was voted to be brought back was the Drum Gun.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Chapter 2: Season 3

Chapter 2: Season 4

Upgraded Battle Buses - The Devour of Worlds - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 5

  • The Looper becomes a bounty hunter (not recruited by Agent Jones), and they work with the Characters on the Island and the other Bounty Hunters.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Reality waves 2 - Fortnite.png
  • During the Zero Crisis Finale, they help The Foundation and Agent Jones to fix The Zero Point and save reality. After the appearance of The Spire, The Looper begins to hunt for anomalies. Later, they were contacted by Tarana who found a message from Jones for them asking to "Listen to the Crystal Song". Since the recording concerns The Spire, Raz decides to steal it and help The Looper in order to serve his interests. He helps The Looper infiltrate The Spire in order to decipher the message of the crystals. This message comes from The Foundation and asks The Looper to find Jones.
  • While The Looper is warned by Jonesy The First not to let The Spire corrupt someone powerful, Raz steals a fragment of the Spire's core and becomes Glyph Master Raz. Rebirth Raven, Lara Croft, and Jonesy the First warn that Raz's Power is attracting "unwanted attention" and ask The Looper to stop him and take The Spire artifact from him. They defeat Glyph Master Raz and collect The Spire Artifact, but Jonesy The First says that it is not the end.

Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Doctor Slone recruited The Looper and sent them on Quests such as activating the Mothership Countermeasure Device and confronting The Mole in the Imagined Order. During Week 14, The Mole tries to trigger the Mothership Countermeasure Device earlier than expected and Doctor Slone sends The Looper to cancel the trigger. Slone discovers that the mole is Maven, she then sends The Looper to confront her and The Looper defeats her.
  • A few days before the Operation: Sky Fire Live event, Mari contacted the Looper to express her distrust of Doctor Slone as well as her concerns about the hypothesis that the Mothership contained something that even Slone wouldn't know about. She tells them to be very careful because "Whatever you think the worst thing ever is... This might be way way [interrupted transmission]."

Rebooting Cube - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.gif
  • During the Operation: Sky Fire Live Event, the Looper joined the Imagined Order strike team to infiltrate the Mothership to "deliver IO's final message". However, after Doctor Slone arms the bombs, the Loopers get locked in the viewing room, and The Cube emerges from the Purple Water. Doctor Slone weaponizes their hacked Alien Jetpack and turns it to dormant, but she betrays them, and tells them she couldn't risk bringing them back and The Cube to the island, because she thought it was gone for good, and that it can destroy Apollo. However, the Looper alongside other loopers reboot The Cube, turning it blue, which causes the room to rise up into a chamber containing thousands of dormant purple cubes stored inside. Afterwards, the bombs detonate, destroying the mothership, and a combination of both debris from the mothership and the cubes start to rain down on the island, causing utter destruction. The Looper watches the chaotic scene unfold, but are then knocked out by a destroyed Saucer while in the air.

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Although still an IO agent despite Doctor Slone's betrayal, The Looper is clearly no longer entirely loyal to the organization since they eliminated IO Guards under Charlotte's request and revealed information about the IO Outposts and IO Convoy to her. They also help J.B. Chimpanski to organize the fight against the Cubes.
  • Dark Jonesy predicts two possible futures for The Looper for the end of the war between Islanders  : "My vision is now clear, but I bring dark tidings. On one path, I see sacrifice and loss. On the other, total annihilation. Two paths lie ahead of you." The prediction shows that The Looper will have an important role regarding the possible victory or possible defeat of the islanders against the The Last Reality but in either case, The Looper seems to have a tragic fate.
Mural Entrance - The End - Fortnite.png

Foundation and a Looper

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • After drifting in the ocean for approximately 18 hours, The Looper finally arrives on Artemis at Looper Landing, where they meet other Loopers there as well as The Foundation who explains the situation to them and asks the Looper to help him protect Reality Zero from The Last Reality and destroy the Imagined Order so everyone can go back to their home reality. The Looper agrees to ally themselves with the Seven, and the Scientist gives them a communication device so that they can receive different missions.
  • During week 9, The Foundation tests The Looper's abilities during a recruitment test, The Looper passes the test and officially joins the Seven.
  • Throughout the season, The Scientist sends several messages to the members of the Seven and the vast majority are intended for The Paradigm. However, The Looper intercepted them all. The Scientist realizes this but not knowing that it is the Looper, he sends them a message of greeting as well as prevention in view of the war which will take place between The Imagined Order and The Seven, hoping that the loopers rally to the cause of the Seven.

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • The war has started between the Imagined Order and The Seven/The Resistance. The Looper now receives their missions from The Origin, The Imagined and Jones after The Scientist, who had the device that allowed him to communicate with The Looper, confiscated by The Origin.
  • The Imagined recruits The Looper to help her bring Building back by destroying IO's build jammers. The Origin, Jones and The Imagined task the Looper to help them make a counterattack against the IO, and gain advantage in the war.
  • The Looper becomes the main enforcer of The Origin and carries out several missions under his orders like sabotage, infiltration, data recovery, counterintelligence, propaganda etc... Jones and The Imagined also frequently use their service. However, The Imagined has The Looper carry out tasks that only serve her purpose or that violate The Origin's orders, such as establishing a communication relay with The Paradigm, whom The Origin greatly distrusts.
  • Having proven their loyalty to the Seven, The Origin chose The Looper to become the pilot or co-pilot of Mecha Strike Commander, on this occasion The Looper gets a new armor.
  • During the Collision event, The Looper alongside 3 other loopers gather inside of the Mecha Strike Commander as the Mecha Weapons Team. They receive a mission briefing by The Origin. Afterwards, The Paradigm enters and initiates the launch sequence, with the Mecha Weapons Team entering the battle stations. The Mecha heads for Reality Zero, and the Mecha Weapons Team assist The Paradigm by destroying incoming asteroids and Abductor debris. The Mecha reaches Reality Zero, landing at Synapse Station, where they are greeted by battalions of the Imagined Order's tanks with shields. As the Loopers destroy the tanks, the Mecha is struck by a laser strike from The Fortress. In a quick time event, the Mecha fires a laser back at The Fortress, destroying the location. As the Mecha continues heading for The Collider, it is hit by a barrage of missiles coming from IO Airships, heavily damaging it and incapacitating it. With The Mecha needing repairs in order to move again, Agent Jones sends Peely in to deliver a Silky Tanker using a Mudflap. The Mecha is healed when it crushes the truck in its fist and The Paradigm pours the Slurp onto it, hurling the truck into an IO Airship when it finishes. The IO begins to send in B.R.U.T.E.s to attack the Mecha, which are easily disposed of by the Mecha Weapons Team. Agent Jones and the Ground Team manages to take down the shield protecting The Collider, and The Mecha pulls out its Light Blade, slashing through the remaining IO airships. Once The Mecha reaches The Collider, The Paradigm diverts all power to the Light Blade, and prepares to destroy the Collider. However, the ground beneath The Mecha collapses, and the Mecha falls into the ground below as The Paradigm and the Loopers are ejected from the Mecha. The Loopers are awoken by Agent Jones, who alongside The Foundation, lead the Loopers upwards towards the top of the Collider while The Paradigm attempts to get the Mecha back online. However, they are attacked by Doctor Slone piloting a tank alongside IO guards and a B.R.U.T.E.. As the group fights their way towards the Collider, the Zero Point has been exposed, and it begins to rise towards the top of the Collider, shifting realities along the way. The group is stopped by Slone's tank, and as Jones distracts Slone with a speech, The Paradigm manages to get the Mecha back online, crushing Slone and her tank with the Mecha's fist, which destroys part of the bridge. The Paradigm then lifts the Loopers, Jones, and The Foundation upwards towards the top of the Collider, with the latter two jumping into the Zero Point when it focuses on Geno. The Loopers then destroy the crystal detonators, and the Zero Point falls back below. The Paradigm protects the Loopers as the Collider collapses.

Chapter 3: Season 3

Powers and Abilities

Name and Image Description
Blue Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
The Loop's power to respawn. It was used to reboot the Cube, turning it friendly.
T BuildMode Prefab Wall 128.png
Using an unknown technology, the Looper can store materials collected on the island and use these materials to materialize various structures to protect themselves or access terrain that are inaccessable. This abillity was temporarily taken away by the Imagined Order in the first week of Chapter 3: Season 2.
Theft of powers
Wolverine's Claws - Superpower - Fortnite.png
The Looper is able to steal the powers of people they defeated in The Loop by stealing an item from them, usually clothing (Wolverine, Dr. Doom) or weapon (Deadpool). However they lose the stolen object after each loop reset.
Weapons expert
Assault Rifle (High Level) - Weapon - Fortnite.png
It is mentioned several times by characters that The Looper is an expert in the use of any type of weapon.
Vehicles expert
Islander Prevalent - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
The Looper can operate any Vehicle they find on the island.
Espionage expert
The Looper was admitted to the Agency as a secret agent on recommendation and had a rank equivalent to those of the eight best agents.

Doctor Slone then recruited them into the Imagined Order as an undercover agent.

Powerful mind
Spire Artifact 2 - Fortnite.png
The Looper's mind is unaffected by The Spire Artifact or Alien Parasites.
Overshield - Gameplay Mechanic - Fortnite.png
Thanks to the Scientist Device upgrade during Chapter 3: Season 2, The Looper has an additional self-regenerating Shield.


Name and Image Description
Various weapons
Assault Rifle (High Level) - Weapon - Fortnite.png
The Looper uses all the weapons they find.
Stark Industries Jetpack
Stark Industries Jetpack - Item - Fortnite.png
Jetpack lent by Iron Man during The Devourer of Worlds event.
Portal Device
Portal Device - Item - Fortnite.png
During Zero Crisis Finale event, Jones became a rift butterfly due to a reality wave, The Looper had to temporarily borrow the Portal device to close the portals.
Axehammer - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Harvesting tool used by The Looper during The Spire Quest to retrieve crystal messages from The Spire.
The Spire Artifact
Spire Artifact 2 - Fortnite.png
Artifact stolen from Glyph Master Raz after defeating him in Chapter 2: Season 6. Not having given it to anyone, it is likely that The Looper is still in possession of the Spire Artifact.
IO mindwipe Device
IO Mindwipe - Object - Fortnite.png
Equipment given by Slone during Chapter 2: Season 7 to erase the memory of Bunker Jonesy, Human Bill and Swamp Stalker following the leak of an operation by the IO Mole.
IO Detector Device
Alien Detector - Gadget - Fortnite.png
Equipment given by Slone during Chapter 2: Season 7 to investigate the hijacks higher brain function of the Alien Billboard.
Alien Knockgun Launcher
Pulsar 9000 Schematic - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Equipment given by The Last Reality during Chapter 2: Season 7 when they go to do an experiment on someone at The Experiment.
Alien Jetpack
Alien Jetpack - Item - Fortnite.png
Equipment given by The Last Reality during Chapter 2: Season 7 when they go to do an experiment on someone at The Experiment; this equipment was later hacked by the Imagined Order during the Operation: Sky Fire event to activate the countermeasure device before being destroyed.
The Scientist Device
The Scientist Device - Quest - Fortnite.png
Communication equipment given by The Scientist to The Looper to give them missions during Chapter 3: Season 1. During Chapter 3: Season 2, it was upgraded to give The Looper an additional self-regenerating shield following their initial loss of the ability to build.


  • The Looper's combat abilities are unknown. However, they were able to defeat Ruckus, Raptor, Zenith, Blackheart, Spire Guardians, Jonesy The First, Glyph Master Raz, Riot, Maven and Darth Vader on their own. They were also able to defeat Predator with help from Reese and Gunnar with help from others loopers.
    • The Looper also fought and defeated Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Wolverine and Shadow Midas, but the context of the clashes is unknown as the dialogue for the Epic and Legendary quests didn't yet exist.
    • According to an unused Chapter 2: Season 7 Week 12 dialogue from Doctor Slone, The Looper is one of her best loopers, which means the Looper is probably one of the best fighter inside the Loop.
    • According to Lexa and Raz, The Looper's abilities and knowledge could make them the master of The Loop, therefore reinforcing the idea that they are one of the Loop's best fighters.
  • The Looper is present as a character in the first person in the trailers for Chapter 2: Season 1 (scene inside the battle bus) and Chapter 2: Season 2 (scene where all agents look in the direction of the camera).
  • It is likely that The Looper has been an ally of The Last Reality in the past, with the infiltrated Trespasser claiming that they were friends and on the same side, upon learning that The Looper didn't remember him, the infiltrated Trespasser tell them that they will remember Kymera's directives. However it seems that in addition to The Looper's memory, that of all the other aliens has been erased as Kymera doesn't even remember them and the others trespassers are hostile towards The Looper.
  • Some characters are aware of the existence of the quest system that the Looper undergoes like Lexa, Raz and Wrath (without breaking the 4th wall), Wrath's description in the Character Collection Book explains that he is also aware of perils the Looper will face if they fail to complete a quest.
    • This could mean that The Looper performs quests against their will in order to survive and this explains why The Looper completes quests against their side or ends up in two sides at the same time.


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